Timebanking – The power of social networks

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Timebanking is a flexible tool for rewarding participation, sharing resources, developing skills and building communities.


A time bank is a way for people to come together to help others – but also to get help for themselves. Participants 'deposit' time in the bank by giving practical help and support and are then able to 'withdraw' time when they need something done themselves. Members are usually called participants and not volunteers because in a time bank, everyone becomes both a giver and a receiver.


Anyone can join a time bank because everyone has skills and knowledge of use to others; in fact he greater the diversity, the wider the range of skills that can be exchanged. DIY - help with the kids – company on trips out - exercise - getting to know your neighbours – helping with shopping - giving advice on the phone – training and gaining new skills - sharing a picnic in the park - cooking – complaining about an injustice to the papers – the possibilities are almost endless.


As the ‘currency’ is time, all activities are valued equally.  An hour of gardening is treated as being of equal worth to an hour of website design.  That equality makes a time bank incredibly inclusive. We all also need support, friendship and good neighbours but too many people are really isolated. Time banks strengthen communities by bringing people together and creating new networks.  A time bank is a great way to get practical support and meet people.

Position: Time Bank Broker & Business Engagement Manager


Nice concept John

Heh John,

It was amazing to know about the time bank. Well it has been sometime i started my venture called Saathi Ko Ghar (Friend's House). It's a social enterprise as I have always envisioned to get the community involved in. In addition to that I provide shelter to friends coming from various parts of the country or the world for different purposes. Although I charge little bit of money just for the sake of sustainability. I was thinking of having some values apart from monetary or equivalent, which could be transferrable. Would love to hear of any case study or experience of any place where this has worked.


Saathi (=Friend) Rafael

Thanks John for your passion

Thanks John for your passion and strong commitment to promote time banking. Hopefully we will be able to promote also in Nepal a global movement for time banking. You made it clear the reasons why people should join a time banking. We need to create a new understanding on how time banking can work in Nepal. We need probably have to readjust it to the local context but definitely we have to go for it. ENGAGE, the venture i initiated with my wife is ready to support the development of TIME BANKING in Nepal. Rafael, get ready....

Yup Simo

It would be a pretty interesting idea. Looking forward to it. 


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