An Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly- Sudarshan Subedi is NOT just " That guy from Nepal"

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Dear Mr. O'Reilly

Greetings from a non- English speaking woman from New Delhi ( I hope you have heard of the city. In case you haven't, it's the capital of a country called India. Geographically India is situated in the South Asian part of the world.).

I have had the misfortune of stumbling upon your interview with Mr. Sudarshan Subedi. He is " Not that guy from Nepal" as you had mentioned. He is the Chairperson for the National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN), and has been working with Handicap International for more than a decade, promoting disability rights and policies. I would sincerely urge you to please find out about the people you or your programme interviews before you proceed to make fun and ridicule them.

Your attitude of mockery towards people who are unable to understand or speak your language is a classic case of the “White Man’s Burden” that has still not left the psyche of a North American more than the century after the poem was written by Rudyard Kipling.  It is also reflective of the cultural superiority that your part of the world suffers with, i.e. considering everything non- American and non- white as only worthy of being an object of ridicule.

You may kindly note that you made fun of an eminent personality who has not allowed his disability to be a hindrance in his work for securing rights for others like him, and was the only delegate  from a Nepalese NGO attending the high level meeting on Disability and Development (HLMDD) at the United Nations in New York on September 23, 2013. Earlier in September, he joined Handicap International at a High Level UN meeting in Nepal. At this meeting, Handicap International presented the international context of the CRPD, while Mr. Subedi presented the Nepali context in regards to implementing various initiatives.  So you see Mr, O’ Reiley, not knowing English does not in any way make a person less intelligent. It is good to know as many languages as possible ( I know five including your language English)  but not knowing a particular language should not be used as a yard stick to measure the ability and intellect of any person. Which, Sir, in my opinion, your programme went on to do.

 Let me burst your most popular bubble of English being the most widely spoken language. Mandarin (Oh yes,  there is a languages and not just a fruit is called Mandarin,)  and not English, is the mostly widely spoken language, followed by  Spanish. About 955 million people ( Out of the 7.115 billion that the world now has) speak Mandarin. The total English speaking population accounts for 5.52% of the total world population. Since you are too wrapped up in making fun of people on grounds, where none exist  and stalking people and ambushing them for higher ratings of your programme, you may not have  had the time to learn  Mandarin. Should this be held against you and people be allowed to cast doubts over your intelligence?  You, Mr. O’ Reliey, would remain an ignorant and ethnocentric person, with or without learning the language. 

I have had some wonderful friends and colleagues from your part of the world. People who are willing to unlearn and then learn. People most willing to  go an extra mile ( or two) to be culturally sensitive and adapt themselves to the context, without losing their own individuality.  You disappoint not only me  but all the citizens of your country by your brattish and culturally insensitive behaviour exhibited towards Mr. Subedi. Each one of us are cultural ambassadors of our country, especially people in the media ( such as you and your atrocious anchor Mr. Watters), who are watched by millions world-over. Your actions and your words are seen as actions and words uttered and done by your entire nation.  I had never heard about you ( thank God for that) till today  My Facebook page is flooded with your reference.  Now that we have made acquaintances, all I can say is may God grant you the wisdom ( which you totally , entirely and completely lack) to understand that there is much more to a person than his ability to understand and speak the language which is not his own.

On a completely different note, how many languages can you actually speak besides your own?

Thanking you for your time.

Yours Sincerely

Pragya Mishra

( Someone who started speaking  English only at the age of 15).



Beautifully done Pragya.

Beautifully done Pragya. Couldn't have said it any better!

words of appreciation from nepal

That was a hammering reply to O'Reiley, whom I regard as a white trash despite of being media intelectual. This will make him dumbest of the dumbest. Good one pragya.

Looking for right word

I was looking for the right word. Hammering reply is the best word you've chosen.

A strongly hammered blow to a

A strongly hammered blow to a stupid white trash. Well done Pragya

poor bill

poor bill works for fox news. that sums him up.




just moved to america, about a year back. many people asked me or assumed that i learned english because i had to come to america. i had to explain everyone that back in India we learn three languages in school,one national, one international and a regional one. whenever i had to face this question i always wondered what do they think of developing countries. there perception is so limited about us. glad i got a chance to write about it.


Pragya thanks for giving a huge lesson to a white guy with black brain....(a brain less valued than that of a fox...)

Questioning qualification and ethics??Bill O'Reilly?

It is frustrating how media portray non- English speakers. Mr O’Reilly thinks his show can entertain people making fun of English as a second/ third language who came from different nation. I agree, he should know about the person’s back ground before he proceed interview. He thinks it was funny when Mr Sudarshan Subedi was not able to understand what Cuisine means? By the way I don’t think being a non-English speaker you have to know all English word. Mr O’Reilly you cannot point figure on Mr Sudarshan Subedi personality, intelligence and his contribution in this world just because English is not his first language. Mr O’Reilly you have to learn history, culture and ethics other than your own. Mr O’Reilly was insensitive and his show disappointed me. I cannot expect a person who represent media can be so insensitive and not respectful about people of color. Mr O’Reilly should think outside the box and should respect others as a human no matter where they came from. I wonder what Mr O’Reilly learned in his career? Mr O’Reilly should learn how to be sensitive and not to be racist. How fair it was for Mr Sudarshan Subedi when showing “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News Channel on American Television? Mr O’Reilly you represent AMERICA as an “American television host, Author, Syndicated columnist and political commentator” and as a person. I want you to reconsider what you showed in American Television and Social Media. I hope you will learn to respect people of color that English is a second language.
Thank you

true story......

true story......


well done.... I hope we can hit a million like and share for this so he can beg for forgiveness for what he thinks he has achieved.


He must beg for forgiveness. If he is human being.

Good Job

Good Job Pragya jee, I hope, from now on these people will never ever dare to make fun of people from different nationalities just on the fact that they don't speak English.

Fan of yours

Right pick ,,, wonderfully written,,, voice for humanity n individuality

I wish i could also write

I wish i could also write something like this.
Thank you very much .. May god bless that fellow with some wisdom and come out of ignorance.


I loved this reaction.

wonderful article

Hats off Pragya!!!


Thank you for the support..


Oh oh gathe

the argument

Well written and well expressed. Heard o this for quite some time in FB, but I didn't pay heed. I read it and I do not know what's in the head of such chaps at times.


A simple thanku wont b enough to u ms still i wud lik to thanku frm da bottom of heart...

Very well said Pragya Mishra.

Very well said Pragya Mishra.

In light of the matter

It is very, dont take me wrong but, exciting to read about people who stand up for others. Being a Nepali I owe you my gratitude.. that is a separate notion on its own. And I do say that I agree with whatever you have said. Mr. Bill O'Reilly are to me everything that is wrong with the media today. You ridicule people from other parts of the world... and to be honest this is very stupid reason. Just because you cant speak a language doesnt make you less intelligent. But let us just take it lightly and laugh it off. When all the laughter has resided will realize that this guy has done more in his life to help other that you ever will.

thank you for writing this...

thank you for writing this.... :)

Thanx Pragya... you are

Thanx Pragya... you are awesome. excellent reply to him.

did this letter reach to

did this letter reach to billy

Yes the letter has reached

Yes the letter has reached the poor old sod. Thanks to the Owner of the site Simone  

Thank you!

I read this letter twice. Hit the spot!

well done

just wanted to say that your work is really appreciative.

Thank You

Thank You

Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you so much

A sincere thank you, Pragya!!!


Thank you very much Pragya... You did something which most Nepalese would not dare to do as we were preoccupied in ridiculing the person ourselves and blaming the government for sending such a person to the conference!!!

exactly... i think , here in

exactly... i think , here in the nepalese society we function more like sheep. We don't think on our own , specially on social media platforms . till yesterday there were more people ridiculing this man just because he could not speak english properly and now that some of the prominent social media activists have come forward in support of the man , the same guys have shared posts supporting the same man they were ridiculing hours earlier.

and also i'm surprised there haven't been any "Buddha was born in Nepal" comments posted on this thread because the writer is an indian!
ps. grow up people , english is just a language and for your information south asian languages are much more richer than english
pps. loving nepal doesnot mean you must hate every indian( that's almost 15 % of the entire humanity) and in the process hurt our very own madhesi brothers and sisters who share cultural ties with indians.That doesnot make them any less nepali than you and me!

thank you

Thank you Pragya!!! Thank you from Nepal

Nice work

Agreed..we should not forget that host. Do you romance? The list of questions he had asked to people who attended the UN meeting shows his maturity level. Working for FOX news says it all. If you want to see immature group of people fighting...turn on fox news.

Thank You

Means a lot atleast to the Nepalese people...

Thanks pragya

Pragya, thanks a lot for this letter, You did an incredible job.

Guys i just inbox this link

Guys i just inbox this link to bill-o'reilly Facebook. Hope he reads...

Than you Pragya

Thank you Pragya. Very well said.

Thank you!

Thank you Pragya! You have put across the words that was in my mind and of many like me :)


Pragya, this is an impressive response!

Thank you

Great Pragya, I totally Agree with you , Thank you from Nepal .I hope Mr. Bill O'Reilly will surely come back with an apology towards millions of people that he did fun of Mr.Subedi from his TV .

In response to the open letter

Nicely executed by you Pragya Mishra Jee!

It's a fantastic answer to a

It's a fantastic answer to a hypocritical man. In a case when no Nepali is getting an appropriate answer, you have done a great job. Thank you vary much and keep it up.

Well said

Well said

Thank you friend.

Thank you friend.


thank you Pragya ,,we protest against any kind of colonization

Such an apt use of words !!!

Thank u Pragya!! Couldn't have expressed it any better. I think Mr. Watters (Aka the brown
Ape ) should interview Mr. Subedi and U as his interpreter .

You are arguing with bill o

You are arguing with bill o'reilly so all your points are automatically moot. ignore fox news, they don't matter

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