Who are the Sharers?

Basic page

Are you an academician who wants to reach out more people?

Are you a retired citizen who still wants to play a role?

Are you a development professional?

Are you a student?

Are you a person with an interesting and inspiring story?

Are you at home but still have something to share?

Everybody can become a Sharer. A Sharer is each of us. Each of us has an opinion, an idea or a reflection that could of public interest. If we learn to express ourselves, if we are confident enough to express our ideas, then we believe that S4G is contributing towards a society of committed citizens.

We are often “scared” by the idea of writing something because at the end of the day not many are the persons capable enough to write well. For this reason, we welcome every kind of possible sharing in our three mediums.

At S4G we emphasize that ideas, feelings and whatever makes sense to us take a priority over the “technical” quality of the sharing, be it a written piece, a video or a photo.

Hopefully by reading or watching our sharings, you will become inspired to become an active user, what we call a SHARER. If passive users of S4G decides to become “active” then we believe that we will be in the right pathway to fulfill our mission.

Are you convinced now? Are you ready?