Key Info

Basic page


A society in which individuals share and communicate their opinions and reflections for the creation of common good.


Inspire and engage people for positive change at individual and societal levels through an open and free multi-media platform.

The idea

The idea is simple: creating an open “Portal” where engaged and committed citizens who want to share their ideas and offer their opinions on development related issues have the opportunity. The “Portal” will offer a new space for contributions, op-ed articles, generating new ideas to be shared through a free accessible platform. Innovative thinking for development will have a special place in S4G.

The Product

Sharing4good is an open, accessible space where people committed to the common good can share their ideas and reflections on a broad array of "social" issues.

We encourage people to share and learn, informally without placing emphasis on form and style.  The point is to enable Sharers become “owners” of the website.

By owner, we mean that you decide what to share and how to express it without mediation or control. You sign up the Code of Conduct and as Trusted User you can upload as many sharings you want.

Being part of Sharing4Good is simple:  a person can easily register, create a user name, accept the code of conduct and then can up load one’s sharing. Within 24 hours a sharing will be on line. After two contributions, individuals become a trusted user and sharings will be automatically on line whenever one decides to up load.

S4G is based on 2 concepts:

  • sustainability
  • community ownership

By joining S4G you decide what and how to share, you own the contents. S4G is based on passion, commitment and desire of “common” people ready to contribute.

The Sharers are not paid to write, to upload a video or photo. While professional writers, journalists or video makers or photographers are most welcome, S4G is a volunteering based platform to tap into the unexpressed potential of many of us. Each Sharer is equal to others, regardless of quality, intensity and power of the Sharing s/he uploaded. This makes S4G a low cost platform that wants to continue in the long run.

We would like people to take the lead and use this platform for common learning that can make it easier to achieve the goal of creating SOCIAL VALUE.

Therefore no editing will be done on the pieces that have been uploaded. Yes this might compromise the overall quality of the product but it is a risk worth taking. We will just make sure that the code of conduct is being respected. That’s it.