Venture Philantropism and Philantropy

There is increasingly more attention all over the world about new forms of funding the creation of social value. On Wikipedia, you will find the following definition of venture philantrophism: "keys concepts and techniques from venture capital finance and high technology business management and applies them to achieving philanthropic goals".

EVPA defines VP as "Venture philanthropy works to build stronger social purpose organisations by providing them with both financial and non-financial support in order to increase their societal impact. EVPA purposely uses the word societal because the impact may be social, environmental, medical or cultural. The Venture Philanthropy approach includes both the use of social investment and grants."
It basically about a new way of funding social initiatives together with the more "classic" philanthropy that in the recent years undertook major transformation.

Here contributions are welcome to discuss both about VP and philanthropy and grant making in general

AVPN Conference 2018 IN SINGAPORE, 4-7 JUNE

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Early bird tickets are open for the gathering organized by Asia Venture Philanthropy Association.With the theme "Maximising Impact", the 2018 Conference reflects the importance of strategic, collaborative, and outcome-focused approaches to social investing - from philanthropy to impact investing, the conference will cover a range of impact areas and investment approaches.

Rudra's Encouraging Painting

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What Plato said, if you have such an ability it comes from your by birth, Professor (teacher) just makes it enlightened, you cannot bring back it from your outside world. It matches with the Rudra’s life. Rudra was born in middle level family in rural villages of Dhading, when we see his painting, we feel he was enlightened before his birth from his moth’s womb. When he was about 6/7 of age, he was very fantasy to create the picture as it what he see in the book cover and chapters. His Friend’s was surprised looking his drawing of picture.

effective social incubation in Asia: Report from AVPN

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Do you want to know more about social incubation? Are you interested to find out about creating incubator in the Asia Pacific region? Then you should read this pioneering report published by the Asia Pacific Venture Philanthropy Association



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At the workshop on "Policies Regarding Disabled and Elderly Access and Accommodation in Public Places and Public Venues within Nepal's Laws",  some voluntary commitments were made to achieve tangible results within 6 months from the date of workshop by the participants.  This video shows some of the commitments that were made.  Some of these commitments can be implemented in individual work environments.  For all to see and volunteer to do.

Knowledge, Power and Inequality: Why I Wrote The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering

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Martin Punaks - the Country Director for Next Generation Nepal - explains why he decided to document the links between orphanage voluntourism and child trafficking. He reflects on his own experiences of voluntourism and how this influenced his motives for writing his report, The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering.

Nepal Picture Library Year-End Print Sale [Crowdfunding Announcement]

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Please support Nepal Picture Library by purchasing a print or something from the new line of merchandise!! To view the print gallery, please visit:
Help spread the word by sharing this link with friends and family. Also, if you would like to support through other ways, NPL is open to ideas! Drop a line at Thank you for your continued support!

Interview with Doug Miller, Chair and Founder of Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN): Creating Impact and Positive Change throughout Asia Pacific region

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Probably many of you might have not heard of Venture Philanthropy yet but you should get soon get acquainted with it. With the traditional development sector squeezed between criticisms due to its inefficiencies and lack of transparency and by an increasing surge of social entrepreneurship, Venture Philanthropy can help creating a common platform for advanced synergies to meet common social goals.

Open Letter to the Country Directors of USAID and DFID in Nepal: You have a big task ahead, promoting Social Innovation

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Venture philanthropy and Social Impact Investment are offering new opportunities to unleash critical funding for the smartest ideas with the potential to solve critical issues faced by society the world over. DFID and USAID should take the lead in promoting social innovation by encouraging new and powerful minds from both for profit and not for profit sector.

Venture Philanthropy, a lift for no more extreme poverty. By 2030

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Venture philanthropy is not a new buzz word but rather a powerful idea that simply implies a better way of promoting development and creating prosperity. Rather than something totally anew, venture philanthropy bridges the gaps among different sectors and approaches. This is the reason why venture philanthropy should be embraced in the quest for eradicating extreme poverty by 2030.