Basic page

Generating a forum for discussion of new ideas and best practices A real  platform for exchanging new ideas On Ways to improve “Development” discourse and practices With focus On Innovative Thinking and creation of Social Value.

The idea

The idea is simple: creating an open “Portal” where engaged and committed citizens who feel to share their ideas and offer their opinions on development related issues have the opportunity to do. The “Portal” will offer a new space for contributions, open ed articles, generating new ideas to be shared through a free accessible platform. Innovative thinking for development will have a special place in the Sharing4Good.


To mobilize ideas and reflections for improving the society we are living in


  • To create a virtual, accessible and inclusive forum for bringing public debate on Development for Public Good to the “next” level in which people who dare to think, have the possibility to contribute and get engaged
  • To contribute to the creation of a broad and widespread sense of civic engagement through voluntary contributions of committed persons from different backgrounds and coming from different walks of life
  • To generate overall debate on new development and other socially related issues