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Sharing4Good, a special initiative of ENGAGE, a Nepali NGO focused on creating a more volunteer based society.

ENGAGE is a not for profit start up that envisions a society where the citizens are motivated encouraged and empowered to turn their communities into cohesive, just and thriving places through volunteerism. ENGAGE is about people and their efforts to get involved in volunteering experiences for the betterment of the society. Promoting altruistic work, ENGAGE strives for making local communities a better place to live thanks to a strong sense of bondage and solidarity between and among people. ENGAGE believes that volunteerism can be considered as a transformative tool that can re-define the way we live.

ENGAGE’s flagship program is ENGAGE Corps, a part time service experience only for nepali citizens focused on thematic areas of impact, namely, education andsport with disability as cross cutting issue. Currently ENGAGE has 30 Corps members enrolled in 3 projects: 1) Guiding Hands ( one to one coaching to visually impaired persons, 2) Coaching for Learning ( after school program in English, math and nepali) and 3) Coaching for Fun, coaching wheelchair basketball teams.