Rudra's Encouraging Painting

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What Plato said, if you have such an ability it comes from your by birth, Professor (teacher) just makes it enlightened, you cannot bring back it from your outside world. It matches with the Rudra’s life. Rudra was born in middle level family in rural villages of Dhading, when we see his painting, we feel he was enlightened before his birth from his moth’s womb. When he was about 6/7 of age, he was very fantasy to create the picture as it what he see in the book cover and chapters. His Friend’s was surprised looking his drawing of picture. The attraction of the painting in child age and surrounded encouragement fueled him to build the confident to be an artist. Now, he is full of joy, deepened in painting, whole night he awakens to make his own kinds of creation. God bless you.

When he was started to create the drawing in early age, he was encouraged by his parents, friends and teacher. There was no teacher in the school for painting and drawing, he started himself, really struggle. After the school level education is completed, he was overwhelmed on future, what to study for future, what to read and where the destination is. Still the situation is same. No one can imagine surviving by paining creation and good business of it. Even he does not know, what to study and where the destination is. He tried to become the mechanical overseer but he is failure in entrance exam. Than he was totally confused what to do.

His father asked him what you want to study, he said painting, and the same year fine art course in intermediate was phase out in entry level. Than he joined management, he passed it the higher secondary in management and he joined bachelor level in Fine Art College in Ranipokhari.

Now he has creative works in painting, that inspire all our life. He enjoy us, he enjoy the world through the inspiraton.  

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