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Our mind imagines ‘possibilities’ as anything as far as it can travel. For example, a farmer who is familiar with nature can imagine draught or flood easier than the person living in an urban setup. Similarly a city dweller can imagine traffic much faster than the villager. However, neither of them can imagine what Neptune looks like unless of course they’ve studied it. Our mind cannot go beyond its periphery of things known to it. What lies just outside the periphery is what is known as ‘transformation’.

“You see things; and you say why. But I dream things that never were; and say why not?, said George Bernard Shaw. The whole of human kind seeks transformation. All our education, our aspirations and struggle is to transform ourselves to another level of existence, towards excellence. But as long as we imagine some form of ourselves, no matter how great it is, it cannot be aptly called as transformation. Hence the saying, “be, don’t become”.

When the word “doors” is mentioned in seminars as a metaphor, most of us imagine closing and opening of it relating to bad luck and good luck or failure and success. It also slightly compliments the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens”. This is true only as long as we’re looking at the doors. What lies further and beyond is inconceivable to the mind. Echart Tolle, the famous author of ‘The power of now’ tried many things until the boiling point. He definitely saw many doors closing and many other opening but no significant transformation happened until one day his being surrendered. Something of the beyond, something that was unknown to him all this time happened. It does not have to be only about spiritual awakening. If you just google ‘famous people who failed at first’, some startling examples you’ll see include people like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, King Gillette etc. What we know of them at the basic level is that they tried hard. True, but more than that, the communication with the unknown that is beyond our mind’s aptitude must take place for something phenomenal to happen. So how does this happen?


We force our minds to function well in order to come up with new innovations forgetting a fact that it is trying to work within the same realm of possibilities as before. There’s nothing new, nothing afresh the mind can bring from another source. This kind of situation could be seen in many companies. Business leaders and higher management always strive to boost up productivity of their employees but most of the times it turns out futile. Reading one book on leadership after another is just like closing one door and opening another one. Attending seminars after seminars is just another name of the same game.


All doors must close.

Quest, hunger for true wisdom is required for a true transformation. There is a negative side to our mind known as ‘ego’. This is a con artist; it tells us interesting things with sugar coated logic and convinces us to not take a chance. Then the other side of the mind ‘viveka’ or conscience challenges us to go ahead and give it a shot. This is the conflict we normally find ourselves in. Most of us do not completely trust the mentors and teachers we listen to. On the surface it may look like we trust but deep inside our ego is on guard. Fear of the unknown forbids us from following their words. As the real teachers say, they’re only the mediums to unfolding our true potential as a pointing finger is to the moon. Getting you stuck at the finger without letting you reach the moon is the mind’s conspiracy. Shut this main door.

Position: Manager-International Affairs

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