Some Excited Elements in Tourist and Tourism Security in Nepal

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Social and Ethical Tourism event, organize by Tourism Forum Nepal

As a result of security assurance tourists can walk, trek alone in Nepal and at its lonely route of trekking and rivers. It is because of same cause tourists and strange villagers can be a friend and shares their experiences and ideas at a first time meeting. Security assurance is developing cultural tourism in Nepal, which contributes to develop the world peace.

Tourism security provided the lonely trekking paradise for the peace lover traveler, it has great place to spiritual and meditational tourist destination.

In the Nepalese contest here is not a challenges of terrorist threat but occasionally criminals are suffered the individual tourist to obtain the belongings and money.

In Nepal, following are the most remarkable threat for the tourists arrived in Nepal.

1.      Criminal threat

2.      Natural challenges

3.      Threat due to the carelessness

Mostly individual trekkers and ladies are the victims of criminals to take money, expensive camera, belongings and sexual offend. Those criminals might be friend, guide, third persons or drug addict. So, tourist must be aware on their personal safety. Ladies and gentleman both can keep secret knife for multiple purpose, for the improvement of fruit and vegetable or safety for themselves.

Natural Challenges cannot be predicted so they should be aware on them. Other types of challenges are produced by carelessness of self.

The Result : The result of security failure is always challenges of professional and governmental agencies which signifies the need of new laws and order, innovative ideas and invention. Natural challenges draw the attention of local level ecofriendly tourism activities, which is happening in Nepal. No international level terrorism threat in Nepal tourism till now, so government, professional and other agencies does not pay the attention, which is most important in further tourism.

The tourism security plays the major role in revenue generation and sustaining the livelihood of many people. Tourism security plays role from the owners of the local tea shops along any trekking route to the owners of bigger travel and trek agencies are all earning and sustaining due to security in tourism. In this way, tourism opportunities, helping to alleviate poverty and drive to inclusive development. It plays the vital role to improve the sustainable tourism and eco friendly tourism in the country.

As a result of security in tourism created the innovative ideas of cultural and social tourism thought in Nepal, which is known by voluntourism or community tourism. 30 thousands of the tourists in a year are involve in different volunteer activities in different campaign, schools, community and projects. Voluntourists helps the people, they make fun, sweats and reduce the fat, and ultimately they created the cultural exchange and better understanding between two different community members. Now, the government gets a pressure to compose a volunteer tourism friendly (Social Tourism) policy, which is not addressed by previous laws and act in Nepal. Yes, it is a result of security assurance by the tourists.

The result of security and safety in the tourism, the government promoting the international investment in hospitality field and creating more jobs for the local people as well as foreigners. It is creating the wonderful environment for international investor to invest in tourism and boosts their business in Nepal. 


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