In the Shadows of Syrian Exodus

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In the Shadows of Syrian Exodus

67 years old Om Krishna did not get a Sechnzen visa at this time to travel Europe even he had quite good travel history as a travel entrepreneur; he had 3 times US, 1 time Australia and 9 times Europe visited. At the same time European countries including Germany refused to accept the more Syrian refugee, it was more than their capacity. In the other hand, Syrian neighbors Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait are denied to accept the Syrian refugee. Although, their religion, custom, geography, political culture and weathers also same as Syria but they did refuse to shelter them in humanitarian crisis conditions.

Questions rises, is it any compulsion to accept the refugee by American and European countries? Why not Arabic nations did not feel to accept the exodus of Syrian refugees? Are refugees as ISIS ideology transporter? Are Arabic nations are poor? Questions are serious and genuinely problematic.

As Muslim ideology, they want to cover their religious supporter around the world; ISIS wants to push the people who support them around the Europe and America and wants to scatter the people for future activities whole world. Nobody can guarantee there is not ISIS activist in the refugees. In this way, their religious schooling and motivation in the future generation can influence the spark of fire in the near future to destroy the systematic world. American terrorists attacks and UK born Jihadi John joined the ISIS and shown their character, ultimately.

ISIS motivated people mixed up in the refugee to enter in the Europe and America with the Syrian refugee can be heavier cost to them in future. It increases the cost to maintain the governance and cost will be up in security, technology and human management. That cost should be covers from the general public.

The mass settlement of refugee will create the cultural turbulence and main stream people will be irritated on this government step.  Mainland people's job will be snatched and jobless, economic cycle can be affected in some parts of the European country.

Rising of Prophet Mohammad:

Founder of the prophet Hajrat Mohammad was born in Macca in Saudi Arabia in 570 AD with the poor family, his parents were died while he was child and his uncle was responsible to rise him as a parents; his childhood was raised with carelessly in poor family by his uncle in Macca town. So, he did not get any formal and informal education due to his poor family status, while he grown up, he started to work in a rich widow Khadija house as a home helper. He also was responsible to see after the business of that lady Khadija. Finally, Mohammad married with the same widow where he was serving for the money.

That lady was rich and has many businesses; during the working with the lady's house he got chances to travel many Arabic territories in the business purpose. At the same time he observed the Christian's and Zeus's monotheistic system of worshiping the god. In the Arabic territory, there was no such a religion, which is accepted by mass population. They were religiously scattered. Prophet Mohammad thought and decided to unite in one religion system in the Arabic Nations including Syria.

He requested to the large community to accept the one god system Allah, while he was about 40s. He declared himself as a prophet of the Allah. As stated in the Kuran he got all the "words" from Gabriel, the angel. So, all the citation written in the Kuran is not the words of Mohammad himself, these are the message of the Allah, deliberated from his mouth.

He declared, that he got many Ilham (Message from the god) through the Gabriel, and after that he decided to teaching people of Macca territory.  In the beginning, wife Khadija, adopted son Ali, friend Abu Baker and servant Jayed became his devotee. Later on, people are impressed and his followers are increased in Macca. Due to his increasing popularity in Macca, the ruler of the town became rigid and started to torture him using different mean. Meanwhile, the ruler from the Madina town is offered him to visit Madina. He was travelled Madina in 622 AD. The time of travel to Madina is called 'Hijrat'. That was the first year of the Muslim (Hijri) Era which is called as Hijri or Hijrat. Hijrat meant "Leave the living Place".

Peoples and ruler in the Madina accepted the Mohammad prophecy and adopted in the Muslim. Madina's people and ruler were angry with the Macca ruler and people because of tortured the Mohammad. They fought several times in a year. The war is ended in 629 AD when Mohammad defeated the Macca completely. When Mohammad defeated and he became royal leader of Arab region, he made one ruling system in its territory. He improved the social condition of its territory and many people became follower of Mohammad. 

Seeds of the Conflict :

When Mohammad died in 632 AD, he did not declare his heir to continue his invented religious thought. This is the main cause of the conflict entire Muslim world. The conflict somewhere approaches as general debate somewhere comes as a war, violence and terrorism. Now, Arabian region is burning in flame of the Mohammad's damn far-sight. This is the basic truth of current crisis in Arabic region.

After the death of the Mohammad the conflict is arouse in two division shown in the community whom to take the leadership (Khalifa) of Prophet Mohammad. Finally, after the long debate friend Abu Baker declared the Khalifa (leader); even conflict was still in the ground. He could not give the proper resolution of the conflict.  After died of Abu Baker, two others are made the leader of Muslim community, but both of them could not give the proper leadership for all of them. Both of them killed by another group and son-in-law Ali made the leader of the Muslim. He also failure to leadership and killed him including his son after three years.

Now, Abu Baker leads group known as Sunni line and Ali leads group known as Siya Muslim. They wanted to dominate each other, their conflict turns into the violence and terrorize other community is called terrorism now. This is the result of Syrian people compelled to escape to European countries to get safe life.

Siya and Sunni groups are spitted since its origin and both of them fought for their own Muslim regime. Another split Muslim community is Sufi, they are changed themselves in connection with Hindus and Buddhist in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Sufi is influenced by Hindu fakir and Buddhist meditation. They are known as peaceful community.

Here, now, Abu Baker is leading the ISIS, who is PHD in Muslim Religion it is similar name of Sunni Founder Abu Baker. ISIS wanted to regime of Muslim around the Arabic territory which is derived from the Muslim ancient practice to lead the Caliphate (The era of Islam's ascendancy from the death of Mohammad until 13th Century). ISIS was born after the fall of Saddam Hussain regime in Iraq, they are from the Sunni Muslim community which is appeared as radical and rigid. They believe in Sariya Law (Muslim Religious Law Practice).

In the Conclusion, to descend the terrorism in Arabic region, capable Muslim leader should over take the leadership to unite the Sunni and Siya line of Muslim. And they must abandoned the fundamental thought, also should be believe in the democratic practices in politics. 

The above article is based on my thought and experience. You can give me the feedback at


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