Evolution in service delivery by Government offices

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Day seemed nice. Although weather was challenging, if one is happy inside hardly can the weather do a difference. But it turned opposite. As the organization, I work in, is related to education field, we needed to gather as much information as possible in order to do need anaysis before working in any target place. On top of that, the information we seek aren't that sophisticated and donot need to customized per our need. We can interpret the data in our own ways. Hence, we just needed data.

This brought me to a central educational government office which is the vault of information. It was the third time my visit there. With not much of expectation, down by previous failures, this time I reached to second highest position holder. Armed with documents, I presented it to him requesting for information with official stamp, after waiting for some time. 

He requested me to get the information from district level. I replied saying the districts donot have proper system of compiling data. And it obviously would be unnecessary to travel in order to get information which can be obtained nearby. After hearing that, he said it would be unnecessary burden to them. 

This made me think how would information which are already compiled and stored in computer be a burden just by sharing. Before he escaped saying computer operator is on leave, I stated that the information is not so sensitive that it cann't be shared. I offered that even without computer operator it would be easy to save data. Then in a resentful way, he told me to come back after unsure number of days when he believed the operator would come. 

I came to know later that the office had its own website. However, it was not updated since long, so obtaining data from the website was a futile dream. 

This made me think really deep and kept me under great frustration. In one part of the world, with the advancement of technology services are getting quicker. As per my knowledge, quicker it takes to get the service, effective is considered the service delivery. While the world is competing to adapt to new changes, I find our bureaucratic process more cumbersome. 

I believe the government offices must be able to provide information in a state of quick retrieval in order to bring significant transformation in the service delivery. I also believe it needs to be in access from citizens nearby vicinity which with adoption of proper Information Communication Sytem is possible greatly.

By doing that, a girl who had a misprint of her name in her certificate needn't have to travel time and again which incurred huge expenses in traveling back and forth from her village. She would be aware of getting all necessary documents at once.


Position: Founder - Saathi Ko Ghar and School Relation & Placement Coordinator - Teach For Nepal

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