Evolution of interaction (physical to virtual)

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Social Networking Sites (SNS) have been mushrooming and expanding dramatically in the last decade. Although they were just limited to the individuals to get connected with the colleagues in campus, for e.g. Facebook, now it has touched the lives of billions of people directly.

As we know the key factor for a business to grow is market; facebook, twitter and other sites have been able to create a platform to exercise their marketing too. Social businesses like NGOs, CBOs, INGOs, Foundations, and small formal and informal groups have also understood use of SNSs to reap off the benefit of being able to promote themselves, which is not a bad thing. However, a striking thing has also been noticed; there might be some organizations who are carrying out operations only based on SNSs.

Personally, I have felt that the way in which I interact with my friend (Saathi) in SNSs is significantly different when I meet them physically. Still there is something that we are missing while only interacting over the SNSs, which I believe is human connection. I believe the interactions over SNSs are more animated and edited than ones in physical level. It's because our words can disguise one's competence and photos/videos might not be able to tell the complete truth.

I suspect there is something more in the physical interactions than the virtual interactions; applying all major senses like speaking, hearing and seeing in both cases. Physical interaction also helps to understand people's thought via their gestures and postures. Even though it might sound like a metaphysical argument, but person to person interactions seems not only able to develop understanding from the words that are spoken and videos that are played, but also from information in subconscious level. Else it should not be problem to talk to people in the same level that we do in SNSs. It needs a great deal of brainstorming as soon as possible. 

Why it becomes a great concern in the present date is because we are completely engaged in virtual world more and more lately. Our time is spent mostly in SNSs and internet in overall. But the development works are very physical and real, which cannot be dealt via SNSs only. Hence, it shall be a huge challenge for development sectors to find a new hybrid form of Physcial Interations and interaction through SNSs.


Position: Founder - Saathi Ko Ghar and School Relation & Placement Coordinator - Teach For Nepal

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