Evolution of an Idea - 3

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Third Step: Realization and Internalization of Idea 

The idea although sounds physical by all the activities that is done, but there is intricate attribute which is virtual. The success of an idea getting incepted depends on the character it carries. If the character of the idea is acceptable then it won't take time for them to internalize it. If not, then it takes longer period of time to be realized and internalized. However, if the idea is against very important value which is carried by the community, it will never grow. The seed of idea goes in vain. 

For example: In hilly region, it was possible to fight the challenge of open defecation as there were some creative ways to make them aware of the importance of toilets. It might have taken some time for each of the community members to accept the idea. However, in terai region, still there seem to be huge resistance from the side of community against toilets. As far as I know, especially in case of women, the only best possible time they would get to interact with other women in the community is while defecating. Although I thought it sounded absurd, but after knowing the fact that, it was best possible time out from their hectic schedule; mostly where women still remain under their veil. Hence, there seemed to be very important value like peer support or social interaction which would be missed by the development of toilets in individual household. 

The example stated above suggests that if the idea is being resisted, there is really something strong the society is rooted with. It takes great deal for an observer or researcher to find it out. In addition it lays a big lesson for organization who after success of a project in one society believes can be replicated anywhere. Understanding the society should always be the first step to start with an idea. 

In order for a community to realize the idea, there needs to be some visible outcomes whether by doing self or observing others who applied it. As soon as the result seems to be positive and acceptable, there would be sudden rise in the number of other interest members. This is the step when we can feel the idea is working and the track is safe. If the result is in adverse condition, it would be best to stop and think other ways to make it affirmative.

The realization thus gets internalized through self reflection by the individual members who applied it. This is a very important point which bolsters the relationship between the organization and community as well. After this step takes place, the organization gains the trust from the community. 

For every organization which is trying to test the idea, this step as far I believe needs to be the threshold to measure the success. 


Position: Founder - Saathi Ko Ghar and School Relation & Placement Coordinator - Teach For Nepal

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