Evolution of an Idea - 2

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Second Step: Demonstrating (Show How)

Action speaks louder than word. Whoever said this was wise enough to articulate the fact of life. And it is much easier to learn by observing and by knowing about it through various sources. If the awareness doesn’t influence or motivate people, the next best step is to jump into the field and demonstrate how it is done. For example: a teacher might teach a student “A for Aeroplane”. Now, if the student hasn’t seen an aeroplane, the teaching doesn’t give knowledge, it rather confuses them. Although very limited number would try to seek the answer by researching, most would not be able to grasp it. Best option at that time would be to bring a toy aeroplane and show it to kids and relate it with gigantic vehicle that sometime flies over their head up in the sky or give them other examples like “A for Ant”, which they see in their daily life.

In the similar way, if we try to educate in a community about woman leadership, and there is hardly a single woman who has been leading, it will just be just a fictional tale to them. To address that it would be best to bring in a female who has proved it. Now it’s not a fantasy anymore as they can see. It would be best if someone from the community who has been doing such thing, being unaware of the fact that it is a leadership role she has been playing. To contextualize is also very important in this step. This will provide them easy access to learn by clearing their queries.

In previous step it was about telling them the importance of fishing and this one is the step to show them how fishing is done. 


Position: Founder - Saathi Ko Ghar and School Relation & Placement Coordinator - Teach For Nepal

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