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In my lifetime, I might have got numerous amazing ideas. Some might have worked or some mightnot. Not all have been implemented and very less have been shared amonst my friends and even to the strangers. I couldn't apply each of them because it was not possible for me to do all of them by myself, circumstances weren't favorable and mostly It didn't fall into my priority list. But the strange part is, having known that I won't be able to pursue all of them, I didn't share all to the people nearby either. 

Why I didn't share them is an interesting question. The first of all is: being scared of having the idea copied and not being credited for that. Second is: I was busy counting the chicken before they hatched. And the third is: I didn't understand ideas that came to me, came to me free; greed overcame me. 

In order to understand the ideas we need to observe how they came to us. Ideas are merely the combination of the information that we obtained from various sources and media. They just fitted perfectly at one time and the bulb in our head glew. This means that we didn't create anything new but we just  fused the knowledge we had and brought a solution to issues we came across. So, do we actually need to put the value in it? I believe not. There is no need to be possessive about it. Ideas come and go, most of them are forgotten too, until we see or hear someone applying it. At that moment, we might frown a little bit for self not being the implementer. We might get amazed to see a person thousand of miles away doing it and we hadn't shared about the idea to anyone. While saying that, there is still a light but significant contentment in seeing that the idea worked, and this needs to be our focus. We need to consider it as a natural phenomenon in which an inspiration flows. 

Hence, we shouldnot get disheartened to see our ideas being copied by one to whom we shared it. Had we kept it in our grasp, neither would we let the seed (idea) grow into a tree though any action nor would be able to move on. The greed holds us back and ghost of unborn ideas would haunt us. This wouldn't only limit ourselves to the ideas which might have been significant in that moment, we also close doors to other possibilities. 

If the great thinkers in ancient times were obsessed about their ideas, the development and evolution wouldn't have been possible. Due to the advancement in the sharing of knowledge and ideas, innovations have been sprouting in every moment. They are so short-lived that new upgrade can be observed. For example, nowadays big companies are competing in the market not just to take time in doing research but also bringing their product as soon as possible in the market. This is because every single time they get late, competitors might introduce early and they might get hard time to sell the products. 

The idea of 'Idea' is to putting it in action and taste the fruit. And if it's not possible, then it's wise enough to share or broadcast it to as bigger audience as possible. Let the inspiration flow unabruptly and witness our idea grow with or without our recognition. It's because inspiration is the feeding for the innovations and change. Let's care, share and grow together. Let's contribute happily in the evolution for the better future, with or without us.


Position: Founder - Saathi Ko Ghar and School Relation & Placement Coordinator - Teach For Nepal

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