Woes of Women with no sign of relenting

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Every year, several numbers of girls across the country are tortured and killed for not bringing enough dowries. According to Sanharika Samuha, a not for profit organization working in the area of women empowerment, nearly 5000 cases of gender based violence were reported in the organization during 2013-14 in the capital alone. The situation is even worse in southern and remote district of the nation where access to justice is a distant dream for the victims. Recent reports where two women were burnt alive in Nepalgunj in Banke is a case to point. It stated that women who were in early thirties were beaten black and blue before they were burnt alive by their in laws regarding dowry related issues. The victims were rushed to the local hospital but the doctor urged the victims’ family to take them to Kathmandu due to crux of the problem resulting from excessive burn. The victims are currently undergoing treatment at the Kathmandu based hospital. Both victims’ condition are said to be critical according to the doctors attending them.

In yet another incident, two years ago, my neighbor tied a nuptial knot with a damsel from a far western district of Nepal. It was their arrange marriage which is very common in this part of the world. Two years after their marriage, they were endowed with a baby girl, and couples were leading a very happy life with their newly born daughter.

In a twist of turn, the girl committed suicide after consuming the poison. The locals, following the news, took her to the nearest hospital for urgent medication. Three days later she died while undergoing treatment at the local hospital. It was a really a matter of concern for everyone living in the vicinity as why she killed herself when her life was sailing very smoothly and happily. Deceased family supported by the local resident registered a case against the alleged perpetrators including the husband at the local police station to probe into the investigation.

During the police investigation, it was found that the female was compelled to end her life by poisoning herself.  The report concluded that her in - laws were regularly torturing her for not bringing the enough dowry. On regular basis, she was verbally abused, assaulted and thrashed with wooden stick by her in laws. What is more irksome is that she was beaten black and blue on many occasion. The in laws even threatened to kill her and the newly born daughter if she reports about the incident to the police and her families. Above all, she was not allowed to take part in social gathering and religious festivals. Hence it can be surmised that she was suffering silently with no sign of ebbing. One month ago, unable to endure the pain and suffering, she committed suicide that shocked her parents, two brother and sister among others.

To express solidarity and mourn over her untimely demise, the people, including I, visited the deceased native village which was 500 Km west of Kathmandu- the capital of Nepal. Upon arrival, the visiting team expressed their condolence over the untimely demise and prayed to almighty to provide them enough endurance to overcome the sorrow and pain which they were undergoing. It was one of the saddest moments I have ever faced till date.

In the course of my two days stay, as a part of the condolence team I really faced difficulties while consoling them that no human beings are immortal. It is the law of the nature and we must accept the bitter reality.  The deceased mother was semi conscious since the incident and father was no exception. They were cursing the god for taking away their daughter at the tender age.  The brothers and sister was also in the stage of complete shock and vowed to take stern action against those who were responsible for the untimely death of their sister. The grieved family was not in position to accept this astringent law of the nature. Two days later, the condolence team returned to Kathmandu with sour and bitter memories.

Since that incident, my life has taken an unprecedented turn encouraging this pen pusher to work and contribute for ending the woes of those who fall prey to such violence. I have committed to myself to embrace all possible measures to advocate and fight for gender based violence which is common in some districts of this country.  To this end, I have even join the organization working to minimize the violence against women in the name of dowry and other anti-social elements. Finally, I hope that my small initiative will contribute to make some difference in ending the pain and sorrow which the victims have been suffering silently.


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