UNESCO: The World In Florence – III Edition of the International Festival of the Luoghi Parlanti

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This session delves into various themes related to heritage, travel, the environment, and intercultural dialogue, with a particular emphasis on addressing the consequences of overtourism.

Mobility is considered a fundamental right for both men and women, and it is influenced by a wide range of factors and circumstances. These factors can include political, religious, and ethnic conflicts, economic emergencies, personal and family aspirations, and the necessity to relocate from areas impacted by climate change.
However, mobility also encompasses leisure and cultural curiosity, which has given rise to “mass tourism.” This form of tourism has witnessed exponential growth following the pandemic crisis, and it often exhibits a fast-paced and somewhat detached relationship with the places visited.

Mass tourism has significant environmental impacts, including emissions, excessive resource consumption, and waste generation. Moreover, it disrupts social and cultural equilibrium, presenting challenges for communities that undergo touristification and affecting the accessibility of nature, culture, and local economies.

Recognizing the importance of culture and cultural diversity, UNESCO’s Declaration on Cultural Diversity and the UN Habitat’s Quito Declaration emphasize their role in enriching humanity and contributing to sustainable development. These declarations stress the significance of heritage in all its forms and underscore the active engagement of communities and territories in its preservation and management. This approach can mitigate the negative aspects of mobility and promote a shift from tourism to travel, fostering encounters, appreciation of cultural diversity, and peaceful coexistence among peoples.

Aligned with the goals of the five-year program (2021-2025) of the Festival and the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation’s Life Beyond Tourism - Travel To Dialogue Movement, the Learning Journey sessions target students, researchers, educators, and anyone interested in topics related to heritage, travel, territorial development, climate change, and cultural diversity, within the context of evolving risks and challenges.
The sessions will be conducted dynamically and in a hybrid format, featuring renowned international speakers with expertise in the discussed themes who will engage with younger generations. The goal is to explore solutions to the complex challenges posed by contemporary tourism and promote a more responsible and sustainable approach to travel.

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