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“Education is a medium by which a person builds her/his thoughts. It changes how a person thinks and comprehends everything. I am sorry to say that in Nepal, education is nothing like this. I feel education system of Nepal is to be blamed for it. Teachers are not capable because they are “not made capable”. Trained teachers are rare. I can teach a 5th grader but I don’t, because I feel I lack the traits needed in a teacher. A teacher should be able to understand the psychology of students. And the other thing that is going wrong is the way studentsmug up  everything. For this as well, education system is to be blamed. Without distinction/first division a person is doomed to be nothing, so even if one has not understood, just to get good grades she/he mugs up. Parents are equally responsible for this, because from early childhood they are pressurized to get good grades, and are compared to their friends. Even I have gone through all these. Because I was constantly compared to my friends, I started disliking them. When they used to get good grades, I used to get scared, because it to used pressurized me. I didn’t like to study but I did it for my parents. For everyone, all that matters is good grades. Nobody cares what you want, what you want to learn, and what your interests are. Good grades are all they care about.

We can’t change the society in one go, so I think one should be confident and determined to get what she/he wants because there is nobody who is going to help you but yourself. Parents should understand the interest of their children. They should be able to support their children. Pushing too hard can leave children irritated and annoyed. Parents should focus more on what their children think rather than “what the society thinks”. They should STOP comparing their children with others. Understanding that each child is different is must. This implies to teachers as well.

I want to tell all the students to follow their dreams and not get distracted from anything. You should be able to make parents understand. The only way is to talk to them. Don’t think you are the only one suffering, there are numbers. Never look down at yourself. If you are confident and determined, nothing can stop you. Aim is like a small sapling, water it and it will grow.”

Position: Lecturer

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