The Rise of Responsible AI: Milestones to Build On

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President Biden Cements US Leadership in AI Accountability


In a defining moment for the future of AI, President Biden laid out a sweeping plan to steer these transformative technologies toward responsibility. The bold Executive Order establishes new safeguards, directs historic investments in AI for good, and signals to the globe that America is committed to innovation that uplifts humanity.


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OMB Issues New Draft Guidance on Responsible AI Adoption for Federal Agencies


With AI already improving government services, the Biden administration aims to lead by example in equitable, accountable AI adoption. New guidance mandates rigorous impact reviews for public-facing systems, focuses oversight on high-risk use cases, and accelerates responsible innovation across agencies. By walking the talk, it's setting a new standard for ethical tech in the public sector.


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Historic AI Safety Summit Unites Nations for Change


In another watershed gathering at the UK Safety Summit, the newly minted Bletchley Declaration forged a coalition of 27 nations - including global leaders like the US, UK, EU, India and China - to coordinate guiding AI toward benevolence. While translating principles into binding rules remains key, this accord marks encouraging progress in addressing risks, forging cooperation, and ensuring these world-altering technologies are developed responsibly by and for all people.


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G7 Affirms Shared Principles for Trustworthy AI


The world's leading nations are speaking with one voice - affirming 11 foundational principles all AI developers should embrace, from risk monitoring to human rights. While voluntary, the G7 Code of Conduct helps cement norms and provides a living model for frameworks protecting societies as AI proliferates. In unity, global leaders are steering these world-changing technologies toward empowerment.


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These historic strides in AI governance show collective momentum building. At the Responsible AI Institute, we're committed to carrying that momentum forward. Through assessments, certifications and global collaboration, we'll realize AI's full potential to create a just, equitable future.

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