Nepal Needs Election

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Today, the country is in mess resulted from the internal bickering among the parties who are guided by vested interest. They have utterly failed to reflect the statesmanship at the time of crises putting all political and social achievements at stake. I sincerely hope that the article will act as an eye opener and contribute to end the political and constitutional crisis that has remained a long overdue in the country. 

Needless to mention, Nepal is in the threshold of development in term of socio-economic and political aspect with the cessation of the decade long armed conflict. It experienced a bloody armed struggle that killed over 13 thousand people. Thousands of people were rendered homeless and maimed that still seeks attention of the government. The conflict however, was ended when CPA was signed in 2006 and both warring parties agreed to hold the CA election.  In 2008 the election to the constituent assembly was held where the former rebels emerged as the largest party. The first meeting of the members of the CA voted to abolish the century old monarchy regime and subsequently the country ushered into a republican set up.

After the sad demise of CA on midnight of May 28, 2012, it is governed by a caretaker government under the leadership of Baburam Bhattarai of the UCPN Maoist. The ruling coalition and the opposition are at loggerheads over issues related with federalism and structuring of state. Given the existing situation attributed by trust deficit and deepening crises, the president has extended multiple deadlines to forge consensus among the parties to hold the fresh election or revive the defunct constituent assembly.  He hold several meeting with ruling coalition and opposition parties urging them to budge from their respective stances and exhibit flexibility to find the solution of the existing political crises. 

On the other hand, the key position in the constitutional bodies including Supreme Court will be lying vacant in due course of time. There seems to be no concrete effort on the part of the government to redress the problem and safeguard the nation from sliding towards constitutional void. At a time when the government is planning to hold CA election on April - May, 2013, there is a dire need intensify the activities to avoid catastrophe in the making.

At the local level, there are no elected representatives since last election in 2000. Civil society organizations along with other concern stakeholders have been mounting pile of pressure on government to conduct the local election at the earliest. They have been arguing that elected representatives at the local level is an urgent need as the cases of financial embezzlement and other malicious activities have impeded the service delivery- a key to consolidate local democracy.

Moreover, there are cases of increasing culture of impunity across the country. The Maoist led government has been accused of promoting the culture of impunity and blanket amnesty for crime against humanity committed during the decade long armed conflict. Its credibility and legitimacy was heavily scrutinized when it decided to provide amnesty to its high ranking member who was convicted by the apex court.

All these innumerable problems that the country has been experiencing have taken its heavy toll on all aspects of the country. Today, the political parties and their leaders are poles apart on key issues that will clear the deck for election to the constituent assembly and subsequent promulgation of the constitution. At this time of crises, they need to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue to find the way out of existing political upheaval. However, the recent meetings of the major parties were able to find a breakthrough in terms of election government headed by incumbent chief justice of the apex court. 

Let's hope that the recent political development that has resulted following the chief justice green signal to lead the election government will end the deepening crises. Needless to mention, the decision has brought huge respite among the Nepalese people who have been fooled by leaders under various pretext. Now, the onus lies on all political parties and their leaders to support the chief justice government to hold the free and fair election.  It is the only panacea to bail the country out of exiting chaos and uncertainties.


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