MARRIAGE- a Fun thing?, a curse? Or something inevitable you cannot say NO!

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“Get is FUN!” (बिहे गर..रमाइलो हुन्छ!). This is something I was told recently by someone who has been married for few months. Sounds interesting! However, what some of my other close-older-male-folks, who have been married for few years and have children, say about marriage and fun is quite a contrary to the above mentioned statement.

I have never got chance to listen to female perspective from female though, besides those touchy statements on facebook! In fact I haven’t bothered to ask anybody. I have always considered groom as “Martyr” (सहीद) in wedding ceremony, though bride has to compromise in many things; at least in the context of Nepal. 


Marriage and marriageable age has always been a mysterious thing to me. My grandparents told me that they were married when they were 9. My parents married at 25. I am now 26 and still unmarried. Interestingly, Superstar Rajesh Hamal recently married at the age of 50 (to a 28 year old)! And not to mention, Salman Khan and our Honorable Prime minister Mr. Sushil Koirala are still Bachelors! This proves that AGE and MONEY is not a big factor!

I had met a French guy some months ago. He told me that he was living with his girlfriend since last 10 years. I inquired, “You don’t want to spend money on your marriage or is it that you are afraid to take the responsibility of marriage?” He said with a smile, “Nice question”, but did not bother to answer my question. Now, LOVE also does not seem a prominent one for marriage.

It is you who decides your life and marriage. A true statement, but what you see around has a lot of impact in your decision making. Recently I read somewhere that “Arranged marriage is like –while you are walking and a snake bites you, but Love marriage is like- Dancing in front of Cobra singing Baby kiss me, kiss me, kiss me..” 

At 26, most of my friends have got married (their constant post about their children makes me feel older and somewhat underachiever in life); some are getting married and busy posting their Marriage trivia (obviously on FB). And…her I am….Wondering! Seems like, I too should get married and have first-hand experience.

But, WAIT! I hear there is NO return path to normal again…..Damn it! 



Position: Communication and Events Officer, Clean up Nepal

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