Major parties hammered out a deal to form election government

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Last Friday, the top leaders of the major parties hammered a deal to form the election government under the chief justice- Khil Raj Regmi. The formal appointment of chief justice as the head of the 11- member election council has put to rest the general doubts about the commitment and capability of political parties to arrive at consensus deal on holding the election during early June, 2013. Given the existing situation attributed by widening differences and trust deficit among the top leaders of the political parties, it will be litmus test for the election government led by Khila Raj Regmi to conduct the election not only on time but also in free and fair manner. Let's hope that the chairman of the election government will be able to come out with flying colors and silent his critics.

There was a mixed reaction over the formation of the election government. The international communities including UN, the USA, UK and India have welcomed the move of the major parties to end the protracted transition. The UN Secretary General, in his statement, said that decision has put the transition to rest and contributed to bring the democracy back on track in the country. Similarly, the other countries has also expressed satisfaction and committed to help the country to hold the free and fair election by early June, 2013. However, the CPN (M) along with BAR- an umbrella organization of lawyers' association- have denounced the move saying it undermines the separation of power. In their joint statement, they have threatened to launch a series protest if what they called an unconstitutional decision is not rolled back within few days. Similarly, the fringe parties have also termed the decision as unconstitutional which undermines the separation of powers- executive, judiciary and legislative through check and balance. They have warned to hit the street if the decision is not rolled back at the earliest.

The country witnessed a bloody armed struggle raised by former rebels in 1996. The decade long conflict killed over 10, 000 people. Large numbers of people were maimed, tormented under various pretext. Furthermore, it rendered thousands of people homeless. However, with the signing of the CPA, the conflict ended and warring parties agreed to hold the election to constituent assembly. In 2008, the CA election was held in which former rebels emerged as the largest party. The constituent assembly was mandated with the twin task to complete the peace process and promulgate the first and inclusive constitution within the stipulated two years. To the most chagrin, the much touted CA was dissolved without completing its mandate despite multiple extensions for the same purpose.

After the dissolution of the erstwhile constituent assembly, the political parties were engaged in political bickering in the garb of forging consensus. Several dialogues were held over the past few months, especially after the dissolution of the constituent assembly, to forge consensus to form unity government. Invariably, majority of them ended inconclusively pushing the achievements of April uprising and other movements at stake. What is more disheartening was that the euphoria and spirit among the people was gradually thinning as the parties continue to engaged in confrontation with no sign of receding. However, the deal cemented by the major parties to form the Chief Justice led government has revived the hope among the people from various walks of life. Now, the onus lies on leaders of all parties to realize their role and responsibilities and rise above their partisan interest to support election to happen. This will contribute to bail the country out of existing political and constitutional uncertainties.

At a time when the parties have utterly failed to forge consensus to form all party government, the election government under the sitting chief justice is a huge respite amongst people. Their hopes and aspiration to see the lasting peace and sustainable development was shattered when the erstwhile constituent assembly failed to accomplish its mandate- thanks to our so called top leaders of political parties. Let's hope that the CA election will be held on time in free and fair manner and deliver the first and inclusive constitution- the impending dreams of Nepalese- and restore and further consolidate the democracy in the country.





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