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These series of events looks at the research findings from the IDS-hosted project Child Labour: Action-Research-Innovation in South and South-Eastern Asia (CLARISSA) which is a ground-breaking consortium generating innovative solutions for children to avoid hazardous, exploitative labour in Bangladesh and Nepal.

Currently, there are 160 million child labourers worldwide with 79 million (nearly half) of them engaged in hazardous work that directly endangers their health. Whilst child labour takes many forms, there is an urgency to eliminate the worst forms of child labour (WFCL).

CLARISSA works to improve understanding of the factors that drive the WFCL and to develop innovative interventions to counteract them. The programme works to raise awareness of where and how WFCL exists (for example in the informal and unregulated domains of supply chains) so that stakeholders directly involved in programme, as well as policymakers and other key stakeholders in the child labour programming system, can identify, generate and deliver innovative solutions.

This contains 4 photos. Photo 1 is of a young boy siting down cutting leather. Phot 2 is of a man washing leather of-cuts in a white bin. Photo 3 is of two Women in headscarves standing next to flip-chart paper with maps on them. Photo 4 is off children writing on flip-chart paper.

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Monday 8 July
Chain Reaction: Child labour revisited. Watch below.


Tuesday 9 July
Hard labour: Understanding children’s experiences of urban child labour and what drives small informal businesses to hire them. Watch below.


Wednesday 10 July
From learning to action through participatory adaptive management. Watch below.


Thursday 11 July
The praxis of child participation

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