Global Campaign for Education: Intergrating Gender in Education Learning Brief

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This learning brief captures lessons from the capacity-building workshop organised by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) on Integrating Gender in Education. The workshop took place on 8 February 2024 and was carried out as part of the GCE’s global gender mainstreaming initiative. GCE designed this initiative to advance the operationalisation of the GCE Gender Strategy adopted in 2021 by supporting national education coalitions and youth organisations to integrate gender mainstreaming into their advocacy and operational processes.


The GCE movement was founded in 1999, in the build-up to the World Education Forum in Dakar, to provide a platform to unify and coordinate civil society voices about the global education agenda. Since then, the movement GCE has grown significantly, in particular through the expansion and consolidation of national civil society coalitions.

Significant progress has been made, including 40 million more children in school. However, far more still needs to be done to realise the right to quality education for all. The GCE represents over 100 national and regional education coalitions and international organisations. Our membership comprises many national, regional, and international civil society organisations, teachers’ organisations, parents’ associations, women’s groups, disabled people’s organisations, youth, and student groups, academic or research institutions, and child rights campaigners. Our national coalitions encompass many thousands of civil society organisations and represent millions of individuals worldwide.

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