EQUATOR PRINCIPLES leadership change

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The Steering Committee, on behalf of all EPFIs, thank Amit for his leadership, dedication and enormous commitment to the EPs. As well as his more visible roles on the Steering Committee and at Annual Meetings, Amit has put in countless voluntary hours behind the scenes to drive the EPs forward.  He has achieved much over his 4 years as Chair – releasing our first ever Strategy, pushing through the much needed legal and governance changes, appointing our first CEO, and kicking off the next review of the EPs. He has also overseen considerable growth in the EP community as we reach new markets, and now look to embed new Signatory Rules to help improve efficiency and raise the bar across all EPFIs. Amit leaves the EPs in a strong position to implement the initiatives he has spearheaded, and we collectively thank him for all of his work.

The Steering Committee is pleased to announce that Andrew Scott, ING, has agreed to step into the role as interim Chair, until the routine Steering Committee elections in June. ING were one of the earliest EPFIs, joining in 2003, and have long held leadership positions in EP, including as the current Steering Committee regional representative for Europe. Many of you will know Andrew as he has been an active voice in the EP community for over 10 years, as well as taking a leadership role as EP4 coordinator 2018 – 2020.

Amit Puri, outgoing Chair:

“I am sorry to be stepping down as EP Chair after 4 exciting and hectic years.  I joined the EP community / family at about the same time as I started my journey in sustainability and it has been a constant in my professional life over the last few years.  Many colleagues have become friends in this time and I have immensely valued their support and counsel as the sustainability agenda has gone through a paradigm shift.  As an Association we have achieved many things and I feel confident that under the leadership of Max, Courtenay, the rest of the Secretariat, and now Andrew, that the EPs are in very good hands for whatever comes next.  I look forward to following the future successes of the EPs as I move onto something new.”

Max Griffin, EP CEO:

“I first met Amit in Sao Paulo at the EP AGM in October 2017; ever since then I’ve seen him devote his time, attention, and diplomacy to consolidate, grow and improve the EPs. He has led with relentless energy, genuine care and good humour, and he will be sorely missed. Amit leaves the EPs in a very strong position, with a clear strategy, mandate and a professional community second to none. As Amit hands over we are fortunate to have Andrew agree to step up as the EP interim Chair; bringing continuity, deep technical and EP experience, and more good cheer!”




Large infrastructure and industrial Projects can have adverse impacts on people and on the environment. The Equator Principles (EPs) are intended to serve as a common baseline and risk management framework for financial institutions to identify, assess and manage environmental and social risks when financing Projects.

The Equator Principles apply globally, to all industry sectors and to five financial products:

1) Project Finance Advisory Services,

2) Project Finance,

3) Project-Related Corporate Loans,

4) Bridge Loans, and

5) Project-Related Refinance, and Project-Related Acquisition Finance.

Information on detailed thresholds and criteria for application can be found below under ‘Scope of the Equator Principles’.

Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) implement the 10 Equator Principles through their internal environmental and social risk management policies, procedures and standards in order to align with the Equator Principles. EPFIs may (at their own discretion) choose to utilise the Equator Principles for additional financial products outside the scope of the Equator Principles.

Individual EPFI implementation of the Equator Principles

The Equator Principles are sector-agnostic, capable of global application, grounded in relevant [international] standards and laws where applicable, and are intended to provide a framework approach to support each EPFI in its individual, independent assessment of Projects.

EPFIs comply with all requirements set out in the Signatory Rules and agree to act (subject to, and consistent with, applicable fiduciary and contractual duties, laws and regulations) including avoidance of exchanges or disclosures of competitively sensitive information, co-ordination of commercial strategies and other anti-competitive behaviour which may breach Competition Laws.




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