Education Out Loud: Call for expression of interest for regional learning partners

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Oxfam IBIS invites applications from expert organizations, centers of excellence, institutions (NGOs, INGOs, academic/research centers, think tanks, consultancies etc.). National education coalitions, its members, or other networks/coalitions outside the Education Out Loud grantee portfolio with formal registration are also eligible as Learning Partner pre-qualification.

Applicants may apply to support capacity development in one country or in a collection of countries depending on their location, contextual knowledge, language competences, experience, and resource capabilities.

Applicants should demonstrate their experience and knowledge from one or several of the countries in the relevant region or across regions:

  • Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
  • Asia Pacific (AP)
  • Horn, East and Southern Africa (HESA)
  • West and Central Africa (WCA)

Note that the Education Out Loud division of countries is administrative not corresponding to the geographical or political division in regions.

Criteria and qualification/competencies of Learning Partners:

  • Share Education Out Loud values and goals concerning a rights-based approach to civil society participation and education, i.e., holds legitimacy among CSOs.
  • Demonstrate strong experience of working with CSOs, including alliances, coalitions, and community-based civil society actors.
  • Demonstrate strong expertise in relevant thematic, advocacy or organizational fields.
  • Preferably a strong grounding in the global South.
  • Capacity to work in relevant contexts and languages as per grantee needs especially English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic depending on the region where the Learning Partner is applying.
  • Capacity to work with the human rights-based approach and gender responsiveness.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and experience in the education sector.
  • Demonstrate experience of working in conflict-affected or fragile contexts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and experience of working with an adaptive learning agenda, adaptive management, and participatory adult learning.
  • Demonstrated expertise, competence, and experience in conducting CSO-focused learning support programs.
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in use of information communication technology (ICT) to deliver capacity building initiatives.

Deadline for applications: 27 February 2023

Note: Organizations/institutions receiving funding from Education Out Loud are not eligible to apply as Learning Partners.

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Civil Society Round Table during World Bank / IMF 2017 Spring Meetings. Washington, DC. Credit: World Bank / Grant Ellis

Civil society roundtable during World Bank / IMF 2017 Spring Meetings. Washington, DC.
World Bank / Grant Ellis


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