Conflict Trends: A Global Overview, 1946–2023

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The wars in Ukraine and Gaza were the primary contributors to the more than 122,000 battle-related deaths in 2023, despite a substantial decrease from the previous year, 2023 is third most violent year since the end of the Cold War. Non-state conflicts decreased compared to previous years. In 2023, 75 non-state conflicts were recorded resulting in approximately 21,000 battle-related deaths.

The Americas is the region with the highest number of non-state conflicts, and Mexico remains one of the most violent countries in terms of non-state conflicts, with almost 14,000 battle-related deaths. One-sided violence against civilians was recorded in 35 countries in 2023. Non-state actors remain the drivers behind fatalities resulting from one-sided violence, however, thirteen governments were responsible for one-sided violence against civilians in 2023. While battle related deaths decreased in 2023, we see an increase by non-state actors in several countries, thus making the conflict landscape more complex and difficult to navigate.

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