Call for papers - Reckoning with the past and imagining the futures of development research and practice

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Researchers are invited to submit proposals topics including but not limited to:

  • Global north-south relations: reckoning with power imbalances and building more equitable partnerships
  • Co-creation and co-design for development: fostering inclusive and collaborative development approaches
  • Rethinking evaluation: past and future of how we measure development outcomes  
  • Approaches to reckoning and healing: including the role of indigenous knowledge and traditions
  • Gender and sexuality in development research & practice: reclaiming our bodies and shaping our identities
  • Challenging growth-oriented development: examining the limits of growth and the need for alternatives
  • Environmental justice: examining the intersection of environmental degradation, climate change, and development, and exploring strategies for promoting environmental justice and sustainability
  • Development and mobility, rethinking the tie: reckoning development effects in people on the move, displacement and (im)mobilities of things and people.

These sub-topics provide a range of areas of development that can be explored through the lens of reckoning with the past and imagining just and equitable worlds. They offer opportunities for conference participants to engage with a variety of development issues related to specific areas of work and expertise.

Participants are invited to apply by choosing one of these sub-topics, but they might be moved to a different topic depending on the overview of applications.

Participants can also suggest if they prefer to be in a stand-alone presentation or in a panel discussion with other participants, however this will be decided at the end depending on the overview of topics and applications. 

How to submit a proposal

Deadline for submission

30 June 2023

Who can submit

The conference is dedicated to PhD researchers, practitioners and early career researchers, as well as artists or activists working on development issues. Ideas for artistic contributions for the conference are also invited.

Please read the Call for abstracts - guidelines below before submitting.


The DD19 conference is organized with very limited funding, so we will be able to sponsor approx. 6-10 presenters (depending on where they come from and what their needs are).

We will also open a Call for Funding between June and July. More details to come.





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