7th International Conference on Evidence-based Policy in Long-Term Care

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12 September, 2024



This year’s conference will be co-hosted between the ILPN and the Government of Biscay. It aims to:

  • Strengthen the links between the research community, policy makers and long- term care industry
  • Foster research collaborations to develop new evidence in areas where knowledge gaps exist in LTC
  • Promote the sharing of evidence on LTC policy and practice
  • Promote international comparative policy analysis to encourage evidence-based policy making.



This conference will also include the launch of the new Global Observatory of Long-Term Care, a new ILPN platform to facilitate cross-national learning to improve and strengthen care systems. The platform focuses on sharing research evidence and promoting learning and collaborations through interest group activities, databases of expertise, projects and publications, as well as sharing accessible LTC country profiles and, very soon, topic and methods guides. All ILPN members are invited to join the new Observatory platform by completing a profile.

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