“Towards Sustainable, Resilient and Innovative Solutions” 2024 VNR Labs - 8 to 16 July 2024, New York

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Tuesday 9 July, 9-10 am
VNR Lab 1: Integrating Assistive Technology into VNRs to Deliver a New Development Vision
Organized by WHO and UN Friends of Vision

Tuesday 9 July, 10 am -12 pm
VNR Lab 2: Cooperatives Build a Better World for All
Organized by DESA and DISD in partnership with the Permanent Mission of Mongolia and the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives

Wednesday 10 July, 1-3 pm
VNR Lab 3: Strengthening Policy Coherence between the 2030 Agenda and Nationally Determined Contributions through the Voluntary National Reviews

Thursday 11 July, 8:30-10 am
VNR Lab 4: Interlinkages of SDG16 with the 2030 Agenda
Organized by Pathfinders and UNDP

Thursday 11 July, 9-10 am
VNR Lab 5: Beyond Numbers: Strengthening VNRs with citizen engagement and qualitative insights (country spotlight)
Organized by: DESA UNSD and PARIS21, virtual

Thursday 11 July, 1-3 pm
VNR Lab 6: Multilevel governance for SDG implementation: the role of VNRs and VLRs
Organized by DESA/DSDG in collaboration with UN Habitat, OHCHR, ECLAC, ESCAP, UNECA, OECD and UCLG

Friday 12 July, 9-10:30 am
VNR Lab 7: Leveraging Data and Innovative Tools to Monitor Achievements and Inequalities in VNRs
Organized by ESCAP

Monday 15 July, 9-10 am
VNR Lab 8: VNRs and poverty-governance-partnerships nexus in Africa
Organized by APRM, ECA, and FAO

Monday 15 July, 1:15-2:45 pm
VNR Lab 9: Building Bridges: Engaging Stakeholders to Advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Organized by DESA-DSDG and the Major Groups and Other Stakeholders Coordination Mechanism (MGoS CM)

Tuesday 16 July, 9-10 am
VNR Lab 10: Showcasing multi-stakeholder participation in a VNR - Country examples and a checklist for multi-stakeholder participation
Organized by the Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies and RNE

Tuesday 16 July, 1-3 pm
VNR Lab 11: Inclusive Reporting: Examining Multistakeholder Engagement in the VNR Process
Organized by UN Foundation

Wednesday 17 July, 9-10 am
VNR Lab 12: Against all odds: Meaningful VNRs in fragile and conflict-affected situations
Organized by ESCWA in cooperation with ECA and ESCAP

Wednesday 17 July, 1:15-2:45 pm
VNR Lab 13: Strengthening digital government and data governance for a more agile and effective public sector in Africa
Organized by DESA-DPIDG, APRM/AU

Registration information for the VNR Labs will be published on this page soon!

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