What is it?

S4G, the un-mediated, not moderated social platform

Have you ever thought you have something to “express” with a social dimension but never had the opportunity to do it?

Then S4G is what you are looking for:

  • Open, unrestricted and easy to use
  • Three mediums to choose from: TEXT, VIDEO, PHOTO
  • A way to express your ideas, reflections and expertise, on social issues and broader development and society at large
  • You do not need to be an expert but just passionate about what you share

Latest Sharings

Social Work- A global Profession? : Case of Nepal

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Social Work today is truly an international profession. In this blog I discuss the evolution of social work in the south Asia region briefly and particularly in Nepal.Imparting social work education and training in Nepal and the South Asia is a challenging task due to the ongoing political instability, multi cultural issues ..

CNN Hero 2012: Congrats to Pushpa, Indira and many other social workers

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Great news from the CNN Hero Award: Pushpa Basnet won the 2012 edition. It is fantastic news for all Nepal. At the same time this kind of event have some "side" effects. What's about other thousands of hidden heroes? Persons like Indira Rana Magar, a pioneer social worker in the jail system, deserve special considerations like many others.

An Award to celebrate best practices among CSOs, NGOs and INGOs? Why not?

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Is it a stupid idea to think about a national award ceremony for the best CSOs, NGOs, INGOs? Maye not at all. A bit of sound and healthy competition can help highlighting the projects and programs who deserved to be scaled up