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03 August, 2022

Borrowing a book from a mobile library: an extraordinary example of soft power through public diplomacy

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Would you ever think that a bus could offer the best example of effective diplomacy? As nations are competing globally to assert themselves, new ways are emerging to create bonds with other countries by putting the average citizen first.

International Volunteer Day: blogs on volunteering trends from around the world (Nepal)

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In the second blog from 'Valuing Volunteering' to celebrate International Volunteer Day, I tell the story of Maya, a teacher who worked with an international VSO volunteer... The story illustrates how important relationships are to achieving change, but asks how can long-term change be sustained if changes at the individual level aren't matched by changes in the wider system?

International Volunteer Day: blogs on volunteering trends from around the world

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Researcher Jody Aked who has been working on the project for the past 18 months in the Philippines explains how the long-term relationships that volunteers can make with communities provide a unique form of assistance...


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Sexual harassment is manifested in many different forms and not just the purely physical form that we are familiar with. Resistance to it also reflected in many ways.

WORLD DISABLED DAY and what it means for an Indian family of a differently abled .

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As I see another WORLD DISABLED DAY approaching I stop to think about what it means to me,mother of a differently abled child .


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Is the concept of sin an anti- thesis of holy?

My Mom and Dad 60 Years of Marriage

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My mom and dad have been married for 60 years. This is a bit of my perspective and a lovely letter from my dad to my mom on their anniversary


Helping the Philippines by Len Manikan

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Please help in whatever ways that you can. This letter is from Len Manikan lenymanikan@yahoo.com.


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I have a smile when I think of it which refuses to go. I have a tear when I think I cannot be there as much as I want... This is about how I feel for my home away from home.... Nepal

Poem: A Family

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Sometimes when i stay alone it and think of my life it allows me to go back into my past and look at my old behavior and attitude. After doing some soul searching, I find out that I was a microwave baby addict. it seems that whenever I acted out in anger, it was because I didn't get what I wanted when I wanted it. I guess, after the child hood that I had, of not getting attention I needed, I beca

Convocation on Heels

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Free flowing thoughts on my Convocation day...

Things can change

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For many years, I grew up angry at my parents, relatives and teachers for what I went through as a child. I blamed them for everything that happened to me even after i was old enough to be on my own. I never took the time to even ask if there was anyone else to blame. The more i did that, the worse got. Drugs seem to be the only escape route that I had

You need money for your project? Did you try with crowdfunding? Not a bad idea but actually a not easy one

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Crowdfunding will continue to remain an interesting source of funding but only for those already capable enough to make it work. It will keep working wonders in the western countries but in developing countries I doubt the way it is can really help raise funding for good ideas. A part from "regulatory" limitations, you need to have certain skills and capacities in order to make it work.