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Latest Sharings

ODI in conversation with Fatou Bensouda, High Commissioner of the Gambia to the UK and former prosecutor for the ICC (VIDEO)

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Fatou Bensouda, former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), joins ODI in conversation to discuss key challenges and accomplishments she faced during her time as a prosecutor, as well as to discuss the future challenges the ICC might experience due to an increasingly polarised political climate.


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Social Innovation Summit will return to Los Angeles for our annual Flagship Summit on June 6-7, 2023. We are honored to bring together a meticulously curated audience of top social impact leaders from around the world for an exciting two-days filled with top-tier programming, discussions, debates and unique VIP networking opportunities.

UN UNIVERSITY: Winners of Youth Biodiversity Art Challenge Announced

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2022•12•19 The UNU Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) has announced the winning entries of the RCE Youth Biodiversity Art Challenge, held in partnership with UNESCO. Participants were invited to submit works of art with a focus on SDG 14 (life below water) or SDG 15 (life on land) to spotlight species, habitats, and ecosystems in need of protection.

Adoption of the “Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework” (GBF)

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Nations Adopt Four Goals, 23 Targets for 2030 In Landmark UN Biodiversity Agreement. By 2030: Protect 30% of Earth’s lands, oceans, coastal areas, inland waters; Reduce by $500 billion annual harmful government subsidies; Cut food waste in half’

Energy ministers approve package of measures to prepare the EU for next winter

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The Czech Presidency ended the last meeting of energy ministers in Brussels with another great success. The ministers agreed on a key measure to help stabilise gas prices in the European Union, protect consumers, and ensure the competitiveness of European industry. As part of the package, Member States approved joint gas purchases, mutual solidarity, and to accelerate the building of renewable ene

International Migrants Day 18 December

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Every year on 18th December, the world marks International Migrants Day, a day set aside to recognize the important contribution of migrants while highlighting the challenges they face.

OXFAM: The COP15 target 30x30 a threat to the rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Published: 16th December 2022 Amongst the over 20 targets being discussed at the COP15 Biodiversity Summit, is to set aside 30 percent of the world's lands and oceans for nature to protect biodiversity by 2030. However, states have so far failed to commit to protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples and those of local communities living in these areas.

UN UNIVERSITY: “Internal Displacement at a Crossroads: Quo Vadis”, A BIG IDEAS Dialogue with Atty. Cecilia Jimenez-Damary

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On 20 December 2022, UNU will host “Internal Displacement at a Crossroads: Quo Vadis”, a BIG IDEAS Dialogue with Atty. Cecilia Jimenez-Damary, former UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons. This event will be held via Zoom webinar at 18:00 JST (UTC+9).

UNICEF appeals for US$10.3 billion emergency funding

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UNICEF appeals for US$10.3 billion emergency funding to support children affected by conflict, catastrophe and climate crises around the world Funds will support essential programs for over 110 million children across 155 countries and territories through 2023

'Fit for 55': EU Council and EU Parliament reach provisional deal on EU emissions trading system and the Social Climate Fund

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The agreement on the EU Emissions Trading System and the Social Climate Fund is a victory for the climate and for European climate policy. This will allow us to meet climate objectives within the main sectors of the economy, while making sure the most vulnerable citizens and micro-enterprises are effectively supported in the climate transition. We can now safely say that the EU has delivered on it

Harvard Kennedy School: Global study: In public health messaging, negative framing triggers anxiety — not better outcomes

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Harvard researchers lead vast experiment in 84 countries to test whether public health messages stressing positive benefits of protective behavior work better than those that warn of risks.

FIFA misleading world on remedy for migrant workers

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IFA is still failing to fulfill its human rights responsibilities by refusing to commit to compensate migrant workers and their families for abuses while preparing and delivering the World Cup 2022 tournament in Qatar, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, FairSquare, and Equidem said today.

DEMOCRACYNEXT NEWSLETTER: A Citizens' Assembly in Los Angeles, USA?

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Plus, Founder Claudia Chwalisz speaks at the United Nations in Geneva and more

New record number of journalists jailed worldwide: Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

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A record total of 533 journalists are currently detained worldwide, according to the annual round-up of violence and abuses against journalists published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The number of those killed has increased again this year – to 57– while 65 journalists are being held hostage and 49 are missing.

Bill C-22: Canada Disability Benefit Passes Committee Stage - Our FINAL appeal to YOU.

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On December 13, the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) finished its study of Bill C-22: the Canada Disability Benefit, and passed it as amended.

Kenya: Meta sued for 1.6 billion USD for fueling Ethiopia ethnic violence

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Meta must reform its business practices to ensure Facebook’s algorithms do not amplify hatred and fuel ethnic conflict, Amnesty International said today in the wake of a landmark legal action against Meta submitted in Kenya’s High Court.

ADB: Workshop on Sustainable Approaches to Post-Disaster Reconstruction (13th of Dec, 2022)

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This workshop examined post-disaster reconstruction and effective recovery mechanism design. It discussed current reconstruction practices, their advantages and limitations, and related case studies. It also explained the value of shifting from an income and resource-based approach to one that considers individuals’ capability and wellbeing.


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Deliberations continued on the global biodiversity framework (GBF), with the contact group and several informal groups addressing various parts of the draft, and delegates celebrating agreement on target 14 on mainstreaming.