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S4G, the un-mediated, not moderated social platform

Have you ever thought you have something to “express” with a social dimension but never had the opportunity to do it?

Then S4G is what you are looking for:

  • Open, unrestricted and easy to use
  • Three mediums to choose from: TEXT, VIDEO, PHOTO
  • A way to express your ideas, reflections and expertise, on social issues and broader development and society at large
  • You do not need to be an expert but just passionate about what you share

Latest Sharings

World AIDS Day 2023

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Message from Achim Steiner, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

GREENPEACE:Deep sea miners take Greenpeace to court for peaceful protest at sea in the Pacific

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Would-be deep sea miners The Metals Company has launched legal proceedings against Greenpeace International for an ongoing peaceful protest at sea in the Pacific Ocean, in an attempt to silence environmental concerns about deep sea mining. By Nick Young


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This declaration was developed at the Asia Regional Conference on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Biodiversity, and Climate Change, held on November 5-8, 2023 in Krabi, Thailand.

ASHOKA: Changemaking Networks

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In the first network effects playbook for social entrepreneurs, Ashoka Board Member, Sushmita Ghosh, presents the five core principles and accompanying strategies for harnessing changemaking network effects.

EVENT: Ageing in Context of Large Labour Market Informality: How Can Social Protection Take up the Challenge?

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The fourth meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Social Protection and Development (PD-SPD) will focus on the role of social protection policy in providing income and health security during old age in the context of high informality in the labour market. 07-08 December 2023 – Virtual

Ohchr: Countdown to Human Rights Day

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We are counting down to Human Rights Day with information to inform, inspire and generate action for human rights. Check back daily when a new item is revealed. The time is now for human rights!

Emissions Gap Report 2023

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As greenhouse gas emissions hit new highs, temperature records tumble and climate impacts intensify, the Emissions Gap Report 2023: Broken Record – Temperatures hit new highs, yet world fails to cut emissions (again) finds that the world is heading for a temperature rise far above the Paris Agreement goals unless countries deliver more than they have promised.

30th Nov: How to support children's mental health (NESTA)

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Nesta talks to... Dr Abigail Miranda In A fairer start 30 Nov 2023 12:00 – 13:00 Online Free

Government of Canada: The Global Carbon Pricing Challenge

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Canada is calling on all countries to adopt carbon pricing as a central part of their climate strategies, toward a collective goal of covering 60 percent of global emissions by 2030.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: A New Book Charts a Path for the Future of Digital Education

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Leveling the Learning Curve shows how digital tools can share knowledge more widely by reaching new audiences. By Eve Glasberg November 15, 2023

2023 Australasian AID Conference

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The 2023 Australasian AID Conference (AAC2023) will be held on 5–7 December, in partnership with The Asia Foundation.

9th Annual Birdsall House Conference on Gender Equality (29 nov, 2023)

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Join us for this year's 9th Annual Birdsall House Conference on Gender Equality, where we will shine a spotlight on the theme, "Women on the Rise: Breaking Barriers in International Financial Institutions.

newDemocracy Foundation: A Citizens’ Assembly On Housing Affordability

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Housing affordability is politically difficult. Voters want their own houses to grow in value, and houses for their children to fall to an affordable price.

IDA:Leaving no one behind: Experiences from collaborating with organisations of people with disabilities in FCDO-funded work

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The Disability Inclusion Team is co-hosting a learning webinar with Inclusive Futures: the FCDO’s flagship disability-inclusive development programme.

The Rise of Responsible AI: Milestones to Build On

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It's been an unprecedented two weeks for progress in responsible AI governance worldwide. From the White House to the world stage, here are the top breakthroughs in AI governance you need to know:

FORD FOUNDATION: Philanthropies launch new initiative to ensure AI advances the public interest

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1 NOVEMBER 2023 Share: Share this page on Twitter Share this page on Facebook Share this page on LinkedIn Creative Commons Washington D.C.: Today, a group of ten leading philanthropies announced a bold new initiative to ensure that AI advances the public interest in the areas of need identified today by Vice President Kamala Harris.

2024 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development

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6 May 2024 09:00 - 8 May 2024 16:00 SIPRI’s 2024 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development will be held by invitation only at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. The plenary sessions will be live-streamed on SIPRI’s YouTube channel.

COP28, IRENA and Global Renewables Alliance outline roadmap at Pre-COP on fast-tracking the energy transition by tripling renewable power and doubling energy efficiency by 2030

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COP28 Presidency, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Global Renewables Alliance publish joint report outlining key enablers to triple global renewable power capacity to 11,000 GW and double average annual energy efficiency improvements by 2030.

Online Deliberation Platform

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The Online Deliberation Platform is a video discussion platform for groups of 8-15 people. The platform is designed to facilitate a structured and equitable conversation with better opportunity for participants to speak up. It is developed by the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team in collaboration with the Deliberative Democracy Lab.