The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka's No Fire Zone

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No Fire Zone is a terrific film bringing to light the ending of the Sri Lankan Civl War in 2009. Please see this film and ask, especially government officials providing aid to Sri Lanka to see this.

Interview with Dan Altan, Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide

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Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide is a small American NGO, bringing sports wheelchairs and training to athletes in developing countries

Which Temple are you from? by Rabbi Zalman Marcus

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Helping those in need by a Rabbi from Chabad House in Mission Viejo, California. Lovely little story.

Housewife- Who "does nothing all day"---- Does she really?

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In modern times the term Housewife has been associated with lack of ambition and drive Someone who "does nothing all day". Lets see what does being a housewife entail.

Can Novartis do something for patients living with thalassemia in developing countries?

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Meeting markets and shareholders' expectations for higher profits while at the same time ensuring "shared value" and meeting social demands of the society, can be challenging.

Who's at Fault!!

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The irresponsible political systems lands common mass in trouble. It is time democracy acts democratic.

Happiness Through Localization

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Localization is the key to successful globalization. Lessons from Nepal

Organization based Volunteerism

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organizational Volunteerism enhance self learning of individual of volunteers and their effort contribute to the overall mission of the organization. Therefore organization should also be more responsible towards their volunteers when it comes to capacity building of volunteers.