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Next Generation Nepal's "Wisdom Wednesdays"

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Wisdom Wednesdays is an innovative program of talks run by Next Generation Nepal and its partners about ethical volunteering. Our expert speakers work in international development, responsible tourism, child rights, volunteering, and diplomatic missions


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This video gives some background about how an existing ramp, assumed as complinat for the disabled, was modified and how a new complying bathroom and new ramps were constructed on this private premises but a public venue.  The newly constructed facilities meet acceptable access standards and are based on the requirements of the California Building Code.

The problem with aid? That it must be spent at all cost.

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One of the problems with aid money is that resources must be spent. One of the reasons for this is that there is a great deal of pressures (and interests) from many sides about spending money even when it would be much better keeping them on hold.

DFID can certainly do more against corruption but it needs political coverage

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“We saw very little evidence that the work DFID is doing to combat corruption is successfully addressing the impact of corruption as experienced by the poor” These words come from an official evaluation on DFID’s work to fight corruption. But can donors be successful in fighting corruption in developing countries? They can but only if they receive “cover” from their capitals.

What to do with INGOs?

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Make them more accountable? Of course yes through a better national “system” but also by thinking long term and strategically on what we want from them. Some food for thought: Overhauling the SWC, raising the financial requirements for INGOs to operate in the country, letting smaller INGOs to create consortium or merge and allow some of them to be “nationalized” as community foundations.

The INGOs and the Red Book: How Open data and On Line system can enhance the journey for better accountability.

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Betting on ITC with open data and innovative software can be a real win win for the country, making it easier for INGOs and why not NGOs to be fully aligned and compliant with the national rules and regulations. In short, for those still reticent to go “mainstream”, no more excuses.

Local Body Election: The only way forward to local malaise

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The article is an attempt to point out the maladies existing in the local bodies over the years. It tries to highlight how the absence of elected people's representatives have plagued these autonomous democratic institutions at the grassroots. Moreover, it has hinted the solution to overcome these challenges and problems dogging the local bodies over the years.

Control over corruption through use of ICT

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In our government offices, still most of offices are operating manually. Even they have the computer facility, but they do not think it can be reliable. Most of the countries of the world are using the internet and the computer to save their data and the way of official communication.

Who's at Fault!!

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The irresponsible political systems lands common mass in trouble. It is time democracy acts democratic.

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