Social Entrepreneurship

It is very hard to define social entrepreneurship.It can be any venture that contributes positively to change the society in better. It normally requires some sort of market approach, a certain level of sustainability and a return on the investment in form of income generation. We would like to stick to these basic principles in this section although contributors can write in Social Capital and Grass Roots democracy and Civic Ventures sub category about other forms of social ventures or "civic ventures" as defined by Stephan Goldsmith in its inspiring book "The Power of Social Innovation".

Impact Connect Asia: example of platform to boost social investment in south east asia

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An interesting example of "market place" where budding social entrepreneurs meet investors. This is happening in South East Asia. When will something like this be available also in Nepal

The Bouldering Gym at Initiative Outdoor, Jhamsikhel

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WFA and Risk Management Course in Gorkha with the Local Community from Lower Kerong-ja VDC

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Wilderness  First Aid and Risk Management Training in May 2016



Interview with Ann Mei Chang, CEO of Global Development Lab, an initiative of USAID ( from Federal Times)

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Finally big donors have started promoting innovation at massive scale. Hopefully USAID's efforts in this sector will be replicated ( from

The 2016 Social Innovation Tournament: an example of how multilateral donor institutions can foster innovation

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The European Investment Bank Institute, the think tank, action center of the EU controlled bank is launching an interesting example on how it is possible to promote social innovation in Europe: the Social Innovation Tournament that is only valid for European ventures. It would be really good to have more donor institutions launching competitions to promote social innovation.

the new UnLtd strategy: harnessing the potential of Social Entrepreneurship

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UnLtd, the leading UK foundation promoting social entrepreneurship came up very with a new strategy, "Going Mainstream, how social entrepreneurship can break through" that wants to remove the challenges faced by social entrepreneurs,namely: Finding sustainable revenue, Making a living from a social venture, Finding routes to sell in to the public sector, Getting to the right talent

A Storyteller at Babar Mahal Revisited in Kathmandu | Veneeta Singha

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Re-envisioning history and heritage is a work in progress. For those of us who had chosen a less strife-ridden vocation, the work IS progress, fraught as it is everywhere with times past and times best left untold. Babar Mahal Revisited is space and time captured, constructed and captivatingly modernized.

We are helping and you also can through our organisation.

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Himalayan Outdoor Festival 2015 [Event Recommendation]

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"The FOURTH iteration of the celebration of human-powered adventure sports, music and getting into the Himalayan lifestyle is happening on the 21st of March, 2015 at Hattiban hills which overlook our beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

A wilderness sporting extravaganza that brings climbers, mountain bikers, athletes and nature lovers from all around the world together to celebrate the spirit of adventure in the great Himalayan outdoors."

More at:

Folded Hands And The Filmmaking Terrain: Interview with Mohan Rai (Director, Middle Way Films)

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Sharing4good Interview Series 2015 | Middle Way Films -

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