This space invites reflections on all discourses of public health. How to ensure that common people can have better services in the health domain? What's the role of private sector? Is it possible to forge synergies and partnership for affordable public health system that maximize the role not only of civil society but also private sector?
What' s about the role of social protection mechanisms? Nepal is going to have soon a public health insurance system. How will it work? Which kind of coverage will it have?

You can write about a specific health issue, you can talk about public policies for a better inclusive health system. You can also share about health funding and overall national strategies to achieve MDGs.

How Gender Inequality Has An Impact On HIV

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Women are at greater risk of contracting HIV.

Musing on the World AIDS Day

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People say you choose your own path. However, sometimes the path chooses you and you return to tred it no matter how many more paths you walk on. That path becomes your journey and your destination. It beomes your calling. I entered the field of HIV as a 24 yr old not knowing that it will become my life.

Himalayan Outdoor Festival 2015 [Event Recommendation]

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"The FOURTH iteration of the celebration of human-powered adventure sports, music and getting into the Himalayan lifestyle is happening on the 21st of March, 2015 at Hattiban hills which overlook our beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

A wilderness sporting extravaganza that brings climbers, mountain bikers, athletes and nature lovers from all around the world together to celebrate the spirit of adventure in the great Himalayan outdoors."

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At the workshop on "Policies Regarding Disabled and Elderly Access and Accommodation in Public Places and Public Venues within Nepal's Laws",  some voluntary commitments were made to achieve tangible results within 6 months from the date of workshop by the participants.  This video shows some of the commitments that were made.  Some of these commitments can be implemented in individual work environments.  For all to see and volunteer to do.


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This 5 part series on "Challenges of Disabled Accessible Tourism in Nepal" is based on a talk program given to some hoteliers at Radisson Hotel.  It was arranged by Four Season Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd.  The objective was to discuss the possibilities and advantages of disabled accessible tourism in Nepal by highlighting  the issues related to whole concept of disabled accessibility and need for the development disability access in Nepal so it will benefit all. 


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This video gives some background about how an existing ramp, assumed as complinat for the disabled, was modified and how a new complying bathroom and new ramps were constructed on this private premises but a public venue.  The newly constructed facilities meet acceptable access standards and are based on the requirements of the California Building Code.

Burn Ward of Bheri Zonal Hospital Nepalgunj

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Last week, I went to the  burn ward of Bheri Zonal Hospital, Nepalgunj. I met with two kids who caught fire in their home. There is a small room with 6 beds. An AC is attached on the wall, but not in function since long time. I have taken few monochrome (B/W) pictures. Here are some pics from my collection.


Desserts Are Losing Popularity, New Study Finds

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They add inches to your waistline, make a dent in your wallet, and can even make you depressed—so the news that Americans are buying less cakes, cookies, and pies than ever is more than welcome. Sales of store-bought baked goods like these declined by 24 percent since 2005, according to a report in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Unfortunately, manufacturers aren’t taking the hint: The study also found that newly released baked goods were no healthier than existing products.


Abortion, a question of morality and human right (abridged)

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Abortion is a criminal act in the Philippines. Still it takes place across economic strata and educational levels. The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law passed in 2012 seen by its advocates as a measure to prevent abortion by providing citizens with adequate and proper sexuality education and access to contraceptives has yet to be implemented.