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Latest Sharings

‘Robust’ economic growth in Asia-Pacific last year and ‘promising’ prospects ahead

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Economies in the Asia-Pacific region registered robust growth in 2017 and prospects for this year look promising, the United Nations development arm in the region said, urging countries to take advantage of positive conditions and address underlying vulnerabilities.

Citizens' Panel on the Future of Europe

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For the first time in the history of the EU, the Commission will convene a Citizens' Panel to prepare a public consultation on the Future of Europe. On 5-6 May, a group of 80 Europeans will come to Brussels from 27 Member States, and work together to draft a 12-question online consultation.

ADB Operations Reach $32.2 Billion in 2017 — ADB Annual Report

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Annual operations of ADB reached a record $32.2 billion in 2017, as the bank continues to meet Asia and the Pacific’s growing development needs, according to the Annual Report. This was a 26% increase from the year before.

The UNV Path to 2020

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The United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) has invited UN Member States to undertake a situation analysis at the national level on three elements of volunteer infrastructural arrangements: (a) policy and legislation, (b) functioning schemes and organizations at the national and subnational levels; and (c) the state of impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation

South Asia leaders meet in Nepal to radically improve education in the region

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A big gathering organized by UNICEF REGIONAL SOUTH ASIA office reviews progress and challenges on primary education: 30 million children at the age of 5-14 are currently left out of school

States of Change: Building the next generation of public innovation

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States of Change brings together the world’s best public innovation practitioners and experts. Together, we’re working to enhance the quality, coherence and reach of public innovation learning, and to ultimately improve lives for citizens across the world.

Pakistan’s youth moment by Dr Adil Najam ( The News, Pakistan)

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Dr Adil Najam, the inaugural dean of the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, is the d lead author of the Pakistan National Human Development Report on Youth

Pakistan's National Human Rights Report focuses on Youths:

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With the title, Unleashing the potential of a Young Pakistan, the report can help create a new momentum to harness the power of youths who are in the highest numbers ever.

Singapire PM Lee Hsien Loong delivered his 2018 May Day Rally speech on 1 May 2018.

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May day is a big deal in many part of the world, including Singapore. He emphasized the role of new generation in renewing the country. He ends his speech with the following " What is the responsibility of the new generation of Singaporeans? It is to renew Singapore – to open a new chapter, to create create new possibilities and frontiers for our country.

Sir Stuart Etherington's 2018 state of the sector address to NCVO Annual Conference delegates

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NCVO’s members are dealing with some of the most pressing problems facing our society. What you might call the new ‘five giants’. A housing crisis. The insidious impact of poverty and inequality. Health and social care systems overwhelmed by demand. Social isolation and the challenge of loneliness. And the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

NCVO Annual Conference 2018: Different thinking, bigger difference

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Interesting links on the presentations at annual NCVO conference in UK. NCVO, National Council for Voluntary Organisations is the leading umbrella organization of the not for profit sector in UK

Q & A with Ebony Elizabeth Thomas: Why children need more diverse books (from PENNGSE)

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What children read shapes what they think of themselves, of others, and of the world. The world is diverse, but children’s literature doesn’t always truly reflect that.


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Ford Foundation President Darren Walker told reporter Emily Stewart he recognizes that “when presented with government that is not responding to the desires of the citizenry, citizens are looking for other ways to change public policy.”

"Preserving the Long Peace in Asia: The Institutional Building Blocks of Long-Term Regional Security"

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The Asia Society Policy Institute convened an Independent Commission on Regional Security Architecture, to explore the enhanced role that regional institutions could play in maintaining peace and stability in Asia. The report argues that Asia’s regional security architecture and its supporting regional institutions play a central role in building trust, reducing strategic disagreements.

Interview with Dr. Natalie Kenely

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Dr. Natalie Kenely is the Head of Department of Social Policy and Social Work at University of Malta. Dr. Kenely is a passionate advocate on social issues and an expert on leadership and tries to promote it to solve social issues. Dr. Kenely shares her experience and insights on social work in Malta and her insights on youth empowerment besides sharing plans to start new Masters.

On the Way to a Global Compact on Refugees The “Zero Draft”: A Positive, but Not Yet Sufficient Step (SWP)

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In December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly is due to adopt a “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” and a “Global Compact on Refugees”. The “Zero Draft” for the Refugee Compact is not yet ambitious enough. Read the analyis from German Institute for International and security affairs, SWP written by Steffen Angenendt, Nadine Biehler

Relentless Assault on the Philippine Press (HRW) BY Carlos H. Conde

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This article from Carlos H. Conde, Researcher, Asia Division at Human Rights Watch, HRW depicts an increasing worrying scenario for the media in Philippines.

2018 Asia Pacific Social Enterprise Summit

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Today, Asia is faced with numerous unsolved problems. Tomorrow, how can Asia utilize social innovation in tackling difficult issues? The Summit presents trends on Food & Agriculture, Ageing, Minority Employment, Environment & Green Energy. The Summit gathers representatives from industry, government and civil society to look for opportunities for change in tomorrow’s Asia

Here are 3 facts you need to know about inequality and populism ( WEF)

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In a recent paper, French economist Thomas Piketty argues not only that inequality and populism are linked – but that both can be explained by dramatic shifts in the traditional two-party system that favour different elites.

The Rose International Fund for Children: a great example for impactful partenerships

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This is the story of Rob, Gina, Mr. Pandey and Nirmala, working together to offer a new life's perspectives for youths living with disabilities in Nepal