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COVID-19: Urgent need for child protection services to mitigate the risk of child sexual abuse and exploitation worldwide (UN HUMAN RIGHTS)

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Ms. Mama Fatima Singhateh (The Gambia), appointed as the UN Special Rapporteur on sale and sexual exploitation of childrenby the UN Human Rights Council in March 2020 explains about “The UN Secretary-General’s Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on children "

How nature can protect us from pandemics (UNEP)

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Bernard Bett, nternational Livestock Research Institute, discusses the delicate relationship between humans, wildlife and the pathogens that circulate among them in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

19 million children internally displaced by conflict and violence in 2019, highest number ever ( UNICEF)

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NEW YORK, 5 May 2020 – An estimated 19 million children, more than ever before, were living in displacement within their own countries due to conflict and violence in 2019 – some of them for years, UNICEF said in a new report today.

Let’s move humanity for children in the fight against coronavirus (Press Release Unicef)

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Protecting children, today and tomorrow. Join us to stop the consequences of the pandemic. Greta Thunberg and Human Act join forces with UNICEF to kick-start a campaign to save and protect the most vulnerable children affected by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Global Response: €7.4 billion raised for universal access to vaccines

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Overall €7.4 billion, equivalent to $8 billion, in pledges from donors worldwide during the Coronavirus Global Response pledging event.

Announcement of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize Winners

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This year the most prestigious journalism award administered by Columbia University is awarding stories who had a real impact like a last minute reporting on how the Governor of Kentucky was conducting the pardons' reviews; international reporting from the New York Times and the Washington Post for its reporting on climate change among others.

Earth School Initiative launched

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The curated Earth School content features videos, reading materials and activities — which will be translated into 10 languages — to help students gain an understanding of the environment while considering their role within it. This is the biggest online learning initiative in UNEP’s history and is available for free on TED-Ed’s website.

TODAY GLOBAL FUNDRAING "Coronavirus Global Response Online Pledging Event"

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The global coronavirus pandemic requires a global response. The world quickly needs to develop and deploy effective diagnostics, treatments and a vaccine. Without them, every country in the world remains vulnerable. Countries and organisations around the world are joining forces to ensure that not only do we develop these life-saving tools but that are universally available and affordable

COVID-19 does not mean climate action is on hold (FROM UNEP)

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"A new report by the Paris-based think tank I4CE Institute for Climate Economics, titled Investing in climate can help France drive its economic recovery, calls for a public finance package of 7 billion euros which it believes could trigger 19 billion euros of additional public and private investment".

European Leaders united: The global response: Working together to help the world get better

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Oped co-authored by Giuseppe Conte, President of the Government of the Italian Republic, Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Charles Michel, President of the European Council, Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

Virtual Schools: Intensifying Digital Divide and Educational Inequality or Promoting Learning Opportunities?

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Amidst school closures due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, some experts suggest running classes online, while others are concerned about exacerbating impacts it may have on the pre-existing educational inequalities and the digital divide. The article argues that this time should be taken as an opportunity to decide the face of future learning and introduce digital education.


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The app set up by the government of India is not accessible to persons with disabilities, especially those with hearing and visual impairment reports The Hindu.

U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee Joins Nation In Promoting Mental Health Awareness Month

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The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee joins the nationwide movement to promote Mental Health Awareness Month in May through its “We Are Team USA” campaign. The promotion of “in this together” is focused on raising awareness around mental health resources and needs within the Team USA community, promoting a culture that encourages proactively seeking and delivering mental health support

World Press Freedom Day: 2020 Theme: Journalism without Fear or Favour

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On May 3, national and local celebrations for World Press Freedom Day will take place around the world, some in the form of online debates and workshops."As the [COVID-19] pandemic spreads, it has also given rise to a second pandemic of misinformation, from harmful health advice to wild conspiracy theories. The press provides the antidote: verified, scientific, fact-based news and analysis"

National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan, Rockfeller Foundation

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"It starts with a dramatic expansion of testing from 1 million tests per week to initially 3 million per week and then 30 million per week, backed by an Emergency Network for Covid-19 Testing to coordinate and underwrite the testing market, a public-private testing technology accelerator, and a national initiative to rapidly expand and optimize the use of U.S., university, and local lab capacity"

If Virus Tests Were Sodas by Nobel Prize Winner, (Paul Romer)

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"Imagine a world in which the only way to get a soda is to get your doctor to write a prescription. It costs $20 per can. Your insurance company pays. The economy produces about 100,000 sodas each day" says Paul Romer, Nobel prize winner for Economy (2018)

Women Leaders Virtual Roundtable on COVID-19 & the Future issues call to put women and girls at the centre of response efforts (OECD)

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21/04/2020 - On 20 April 2020, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women, and Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20, convened and chaired the Women Leaders Virtual Roundtable on COVID-19 and the Future to address the disproportionately negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic has on women and girls.

Social Impact Talent Report: ECHOING GREEN

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"Echoing Green’s annual Social Impact Talent Report highlights best-in-class social change leaders that we believe have the potential to launch bold new ideas for solving the most pressing and entrenched problems around the world."

An inclusive, green recovery is possible: The time to act is now (OECD Secretary General, Angel Gurría)

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"Governments have a unique chance for a green and inclusive recovery that they must seize – a recovery that not only provides income and jobs, but also has broader goals, integrates strong climate and biodiversity action, and builds resilience."


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The iconic anti-apartheid activist, defined by the Guardian newspaper as a "giant" in the fight against racial discrimination in South Africa and a close associate of Nelson Mandela had died at the age of 87.