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02 December, 2018

Highlights of the Secretary-General's main initiatives

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Find here the major initiatives that have been take by Antonio Guterres

Multilateralism: The only path to address the world’s troubles, signals Guterres

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As the world’s problems grow, multilateralism represents to best path to meet the challenges that lie ahead, said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday, launching his annual report.

Senior UN children’s advocate says they ‘should never be targeted by violence’

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Reacting to a recent upsurge in violent attacks affecting children, Virginia Gamba, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, called on Friday for those responsible to be held fully accountable.

Interview with Mark Takefman, Takefman, Citizen Sector Consulting, Founder and CEO ( PART I)

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Mark is a Canadian activist, social worker and development practitioner with long spells in India and China and now is back in Canada where he operates the Takefman Citizen Sector Consulting.Next Interview will be posted next Friday, 24th of August.

Incheon Youth Declaration on the Future of Work: Youth Calls for Action to Build the Workforce of the Future

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Over 400 youth representatives from Asia and the Pacific launched the Incheon Youth Declaration on the Future of Work, which calls upon the international community to invest in more inclusive, large-scale, and market-relevant solutions for youth employment and entrepreneurship

Global Liveability Index 2018

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Vienna dislodges Melbourne to top the Global Chart of most livable place

Angel Gurría OECD Secretary-General Closing remarks at OECD Roundtable on Equal Access to Justice

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Angel Gurria proposes some ideas on how to create a more equal and fair world: 1) tools for measurement, 2) better understanding of what works, 3) Exchange of good practices is essential.

Harnessing the power of youth through volunteering (UNV)

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UNV promotes youth participation through volunteering, offering opportunities for young people to engage in local and global action, and providing spaces for them to contribute to peace and development as volunteers, while building their skills and professional experience.

The International Congress of Youth Voices

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Students coming together to learn about activism and social change. The congress was held on 3-5 August 2018 in San Francisco.


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This piece was originally published on the Perspectives of The Himalayan Times.


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Since its inception in 2002, the Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime (Bali Process) has effectively raised regional awareness of the consequences of people smuggling, trafficking in persons and related transnational crime.

new data visualization tool to identify market gaps in emerging market economies

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This new interactive site offers a visual display of the financial and nonfinancial support that organizations provide for entrepreneurs in emerging market economies. The goal of this site is to identify gaps and opportunities for the small and growing business sector.

EU-ASEAN Blue Book launched in Jakarta

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The new EU-ASEAN Blue Book 2018 was launched in Jakarta today. It demonstrates the success and benefits of the close cooperation between the EU and ASEAN countries, and that joining forces will contribute to prosperity, stability and security for all.

Presidential Leadership Scholars Graduation Program with President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

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Presidential Leadership Scholars serves as a catalyst for a diverse network of leaders brought together to collaborate and make a difference in the world as they learn about leadership through the lens of the presidential experiences of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

The 2018 Edelman TRUST BAROMETER

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The 2018 Edelman TRUST BAROMETER reveals a world of seemingly stagnant distrust. People’s trust in business, government, NGOs and media remained largely unchanged from 2017 — 20 of 28 markets surveyed now lie in distruster territory, up one from last year. Yet dramatic shifts are taking place at the market level and within the institution of media.

Garma Festival in Australia ( 3 TO 6 AUGUST)

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Garma is a celebration of indigenous culture, history and heritage. It is one of the biggest forum for indigenous Australian to debate and celebrate their culture. This year is the 20th anniversary.

Lending a Helping Hand Through Volunteering

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I'm doing some volunteering with seniors through the NGO, A Helping Hand in Durham, North Carolina, USA

Sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector inquiry

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Read the findings of the report prepared by International Development Committee of the British Parliament that was set up following the scandals the engulfed Oxfam. Key points Sexual exploitation and abuse is endemic across organisations, countries and institutions, Collective failure of leadership and engagement from top levels down over many years.