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Latest Sharings

Global Goals Week, 2023: An annual week of action, awareness, and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals.

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During Global Goals Week, over 150 partners mobilize, demand urgency to turn it around for the global goals, and supercharge solutions for people and planet. From September 15 to 24, 2023

Will Sunak’s ‘Stop the Boats’ policy have perverse consequences?

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By Robin Cohen, OXFORD UNIVERSITY, The University of Oxford's Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)

OECD: Leaders endorse revised G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance to promote corporate sustainability, market confidence and financial stability

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11/09/2023 – The revised G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance – a joint G20/OECD effort to help companies navigate changing capital markets while promoting market confidence and financial stability – have been endorsed at the G20 Leader’s Summit in New Delhi, India.

UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS: Human rights are key to ensuring no one is left behind

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“Too many people worldwide cannot afford basic goods or access basic services and are trapped in abject poverty, often for generations. Current economic systems are simply unjust, discriminatory and not sustainable,” said UN Human Rights Chief, Volker Türk, during a speech earlier this year on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The causes fueling the climate crisis are receiving 20 times more financing than the solutions, new groundbreaking report by ActionAid reveals

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Groundbreaking report shows the fossil fuel and industrial agriculture industries in the Global South are receiving an annual average of 20 times more financing from banks than governments are receiving for climate solutions. Banks have put $3.2 trillion towards the expansion of fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement, with $370 billion being funneled into the second major cause of climate chang

IUCN Leaders Forum Geneva 2023

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The second edition of the IUCN Leaders Forum will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 11 – 13 October 2023, under the theme Global goals for nature: tracking progress, financing success.

Global Governance Survey 2023 Finding Consensus in a Divided World

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From the Stimson Center: This survey explores public attitudes to global governance, conflict, pandemic, and climate issues in the G7 and BRICS countries


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This year’s theme for the International Day of Democracy, “Empowering the next generation,” focuses on young people’s essential role in advancing democracy and ensuring that their voices are included in the decisions that have a profound impact on their world.

360 Sports Entrepreneur Masterclass Program is now open

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The 360 Sports Entrepreneur Masterclass Program is presented, and co-facilitated to simulate the business environment and everything that happens in a business on a day-to-day basis.

September edition of D+C

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One-fourth of the world’s population has no access to safe drinking water, and almost half lacks basic sanitation. Water consumption is increasing. The climate crisis is exacerbating the situation. To achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), significant investments in efficient infrastructure are vital. Cooperation at all levels is essential too: between local communities sharing the s

G20: Leaders' Declaration includes commitments to eliminate forced labour

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G20: Leaders' Declaration includes commitments to eliminate forced labour & child labour Livemint; Peoples' 20

TNI: Our Future is Public Energy Democracy Movements DeclarationOur Future is Public Energy Democracy Movements Declaration

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The Energy Democracy Declaration is a result of a two-day Energy sector meeting as part of the international Our Future is Public conference in Santiago, Chile, that involved Indigenous representatives, trade unions, ecofeminists, climate justice organisations, solidarity collectives and NGOs.

Almost 2,000 land and environmental defenders killed between 2012 and 2022 for protecting the planet

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At least 177 land and environmental defenders around the world were killed last year, taking the total number of defenders killed between 2012 and 2022 to 1,910, according to a new report by Global Witness

Call for Sessions Now Open for the Virtual 2024 Collective Impact Action Summit

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Today we are excited to announce our call for session proposals for the next field-wide virtual Collective Impact Action Summit, April 30 – May 2, 2024.

Is the World Bank giving billions of trade finance to fossil fuels?

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Herausgeber: Urgewald e.V. Jahr: 2023 In 2022, an estimated $3.7 billion in World Bank trade finance went to oil & gas. This would more than triple the current annual level of fossil fuel finance attributed to the World Bank and cast serious doubts on Bank claims of alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement.

OXFAM: Millionaires, economists, and eminent politicians implore the G20 to “tax the super-rich”

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Published: 5th September 2023 Pressure is piling on the G20 to lead a global push to increase taxes on the richest citizens back to past levels that most people believe were fairer and more useful for society

Enhancing IMF-World Bank Collaboration

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Joint Statement of the IMF Managing Director and of the World Bank President

IISD's Earth Negotiations Bulettin: Global Intergovernmental Meeting on Minerals and MetalsSummary report, 7–8 September 2023

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The GIMM was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 7-8 September 2023, with some participants joining online. The Meeting included delegates representing 120 governments and 60 observer organizations, including UN agencies and other intergovernmental bodies, secretariats of multilateral environment agreements (MEAs), industry, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

World Coalition Publishes Country Mapping Report on Women on Death Row

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In 2021, the World Day Against the Death Penalty on October 10 was dedicated to the invisible reality of women on death row. In preparation for this day, members of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty (World Coalition) conducted research to document the situation of women on death row in their countries.

IEA: Empowering people – the role of local energy communities in clean energy transitions

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Putting people at the centre of all clean energy transitions not only improves people’s lives but is also key to successfully implementing energy and climate policies.