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02 December, 2018


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This is the first part of the interview with Léa Cleret.Léa is the CEO of Leadership Trust.She has a Ph.D in philosophy specializing in ethics in sport, with a special focus on the use of performance enhancing substances. The second part will be published on Monday, September 24th.

Launch of the Global Green Bond Partnership

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Today, the Global Green Bond Partnership (GGBP) launched at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS). This new partnership will support efforts of sub-national entities such as cities, states, and regions, corporations and private companies, and financial institutions to accelerate the issuance of green bonds.

Security Council extends mandates of UN peace operations in Libya, Colombia through next September

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By unanimous agreement on Thursday, the Security Council extended the mandates of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the Organization’s Verification Mission in Colombia.


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Democracy ‘showing greater strain’ than at any time in decades, UN chief


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UNICEF organized a special focus session on innovation for children and young people during the Second Regular Session of the Executive Board. Titled “Tomorrow Ready", the Executive Board seeks innovative and practical technology solutions for achieving UNICEF’s mission.

Call To Global Climate Action

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Read here the declaration of the Global Climate Action Summit held in San Francisco that ended on Sept 14

Human Development Index (HDI) Update

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Norway, Switzerland and Australia are the top 3 nations in the latest Human Development Index

Wide inequalities in people’s well-being cast a shadow on sustained human development progress

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The UNDP has published the statistical update of the Human Development Indeces. 2018 Statistical update is being released to ensure consistency in reporting on key human development indices and statistics. It includes an analysis of the state of human development—snapshots of current conditions as well as long-term trends in human development indicators.


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It was held in September 12-14, 2018 San Francisco, CA. Bold New Commitments Announced by Thousands of States, Regions, Cities, Businesses, Investors and NGOs NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS URGED TO STEP UP CLIMATE ACTION BY 2020 AT END OF LANDMARK SUMMIT

Nepal: Barriers to Inclusive Education ( HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH)

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Children with disabilities in Nepal face serious obstacles to quality, inclusive education, Human Rights Watch said today. Despite progress in law and policy, the government segregates most children with disabilities into separate classrooms. It has yet to train teachers to provide inclusive education, in which children with and without disabilities learn together.

International Democracy Day 2018: Democracy under Strain: Solutions for a Changing World

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"Democracy is showing greater strain than at any time in decades. That is why this International Day should make us look for ways to invigorate democracy and seek answers for the systemic challenges it faces." — UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

Bridging the Skills Gap between Aspiring Youths and Market Landscape in India BY Pranav Kumar Choudhary ( from AVPN)

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Youths in India are facing employment and career mobility challenges due to lack of relevant skill-sets and market constraints. Reddy’s Foundation’s 2-year initiative, GROW, aims to bridge the skilling gap with a multi-pronged model that equips all stakeholders, from students to employers to parents. GROW shares 5 key learnings on what it takes to scale their solutions

Everyone’s Business: 2018 Sexual Harassment Survey

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The Australia Human Rights Commission published a survey about gender discrimination and abuses in Australia. The numbers are quite staggering with 71% of Australians have been sexually harassed at some point in their lifetimes, with more than four in five (85%) of Australian women and more than half (56%) of Australian men over the age of 15 experiencing the behavior (The Guardian).

remembering south african hero Stephen Biko ( The Sunday Times)

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Stephen Bantu Biko died in police custody 41 years ago on September 12 1977. He remains one of our country's most iconic struggle heroes and his life and ideas continue to inspire generations.

USA Ambassador Remarks at a UN Security Council Debate on UN Peacekeeping Reform

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The USA wants to reform the UN Peacekeeping mission, ensuring that civilians who have been abused or attacked by UN Peacekeeping soldiers will be punished

Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum 12-13 September 2018 ( Singapore)

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SIGEF 2018 is the leading international forum for impact solutions, CSR, and philanthropy, in resonance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018

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New evidence continues to signal that the number of hungry people in the world is growing, reaching 821 million in 2017 or one in every nine people, according to The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018

Beyond Sport United & Global Awards 2018

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Beyond Sport United will return to New York on 12-13 September to convene leaders and change-makers from around the world to explore how sport is being used to create positive social change in communities across the globe.

Media advisory: Foreign bribery goes unpunished by most big exporters

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Berlin, 10 September 2018 – Most of the world’s most powerful export markets are failing to punish corporations paying bribes overseas, according to a new report from Transparency International to be released on 12 September 2018.