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Have you ever thought you have something to “express” with a social dimension but never had the opportunity to do it?

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Latest Sharings

10 October, 2020

The World Bank Annual Virtual Meeting: The Pandemic Response, Building a Resilient and Inclusive Recovery (5TH OF OCTOBER, 2020)

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The event will be introduced by Germany’s Bundesbank President Dr. Jens Weidmann and include a conversation between President Malpass and Professor Nils Stieglitz, President and Managing Director of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

ODI Event.Strengthening disability inclusion in humanitarian action ( 7th October)

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This event organized by the Overseas Development Institute, ODI, will focus on the progress/achievements and challenges in the humanitari sector

The Economist Sustainability Virtual Week

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The Economist’s Sustainability Virtual Week will bring together industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and researchers to assess what businesses in particular—but also governments and NGOs—can do to rise to the challenge. How can solutions be scaled up to meet internationally agreed goals? Can the disruption of covid-19 accelerate progress?

UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities: A review from Catalina Devandas Aguilar

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Catalina Devandas Aguilar, the past UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities and in this article, she explains her accomplishments.

Highlights from UNICEF at the UN General Assembly

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The 75th United Nations General Assembly takes place from 15–30 September 2020. Check back to follow UNICEF as we put a spotlight on child rights, COVID-19, education and distance learning, gender, young people, climate change, humanitarian action and the Sustainable Development Goals.


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In accordance with General Assembly resolution 73/340 of 19 September 2019 and decision 74/562 of 22 July 2020, the Assembly will convene a high-level meeting on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women, on 1 October 2020, with the overall theme of “Accelerating the realization of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”.


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More than 50 speakers in five curated sessions that combine TED's signature blend of actionable and research-backed ideas, cutting-edge science, and moments of wonder and inspiration.

Human rights defenders from Iran and Belarus among 2020 Right Livelihood Laureates

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The Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize,” has been honouring courageous changemakers since 1980. By recognizing the actions of brave visionaries and building impactful connections around the world, the Award aims to boost urgent and long-term social change.

Join the race to save Earth’s wild places: The Wyss Campaign for Nature

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The Wyss Campaign for Nature is a $1 billion investment to help communities, indigenous peoples, and nations conserve 30% of the planet in its natural state by 2030.

Clore Social Leadership: Leaders Now Virtual Edition

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Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director at The Equality Trust will be online. The Equality Trust is a UK based charity that campaigns to reduce social and economic inequality.

United Nations Summit on Biodiversity

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The United Nations Summit on Biodiversity will be convened by the President of the General Assembly on 30 September 2020, at the level of Heads of State and Government under the theme of “Urgent action on biodiversity for sustainable development.”

International Day of Older Persons

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The year 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations and the 30th Anniversary of the International Day of Older Persons.

EU action on child poverty needs greater focus

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"Child poverty remains a serious issue in the EU with almost one out of four children at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Studies have repeatedly highlighted that investing at a relatively low financial cost during childhood can yield a lifetime of gains".The European Court of Auditors is asking for member states to coordinate their response to fight child poverty and youth unemployment..

Leaders’ Pledge for Nature

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Political leaders participating in the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity in September 2020, representing 64* countries from all regions and the European Union, have committed to reversing biodiversity loss by 2030.


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Hawaiʻi’s first statewide Voluntary Local Review assesses progress to date and provides 2020 benchmark data to inform decision-making, including on economic recovery, through the Aloha+ Challenge – Hawai‘i’s framework to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

CMU Completes Voluntary Review of Sustainable Development Goals

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Carnegie Mellon University's commitment to equity, justice and the environment is reflected in a new report released this week that catalogues activities by students, faculty and staff to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Voluntary University Review is a first-of-its-kind report.


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Hosted by UNF’s Univeral Access Project (UAP) and World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA). This event will feature the results of the WBA’s groundbreaking Gender baseline report, which sheds light on the corporate gender impacts of the apparel industry’s most influential companies globally across their full value chain.


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This is our chance to reset our word for the better. But to do so we need to know the state of our world and take action. That’s why this September during the UN General Assembly and as part of Global Goals Week we’re focussing on Factivism with two exciting projects we’d like to share with you.

Generation Unlimited Gathers World Leaders to Rewrite Future of Connectivity & Modern Education

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The event facilitated by UNICEF focused on the fact that 3.7 billion people are without internet access, with children and young people most at risk of being left behind.

United Nations Summit on Biodiversity (30 September 2020, New York)

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The Summit on Biodiversity will be convened under the theme “Urgent Action on Biodiversity for Sustainable Development.” The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will assist the President of the General Assembly in the preparation of the Summit.