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Latest Sharings

Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020: How Countries are Performing on the Road to Recovery

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The Global Competitiveness Report series has since its first edition aimed to prompt policy-makers beyond short term growth and to aim for long-run prosperity. The special edition is dedicated to elaborating on the priorities for recovery and revival, and considering the building blocks of a transformation towards new economic systems that combine “productivity”, “people” and “planet"

HDR 2020: The next frontier: Human development and the Anthropocene

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"While the devastating effects of Covid-19 have taken the world’s attention, other layered crises, from climate change to rising inequalities, continue to take their toll. The challenges of planetary and societal imbalance are intertwined: they interact in a vicious circle, each making the other worse"

Human Development Report 2020 The Next Frontier Human Development and the Anthropocene

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"According to the report, easing planetary pressures in a way that enables all people to flourish in this new age requires dismantling the gross imbalances of power and opportunity that stand in the way of transformation".

Mission 4.7, a global initiative to achieve SDG Target 4.7, to be launched at the Vatican Youth Symposium on December 16

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"Mission 4.7 brings together leaders from government, academia, civil society, and business to accelerate the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development around the world and highlight the critical importance of education in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)".

Opinion piece by UN HABITAT, Executive Director, Maimunah Mohd Sharif on how cities can build a healthier future for all

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"Local leadership needs to ensure all sections of society are involved in discussions on preventing COVID-19, including the marginalized and those living in informal settlements. Once vaccines are available, full participation of all community groups will be essential in planning effective and equitable distribution" shares Maimunah Mohd Sharif.

WB ANNUAL REPORT 2020: Supporting Countries in Unprecedented Times

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"The World Bank Group has been at the forefront of that response, mobilizing rapidly to deliver much-needed support to countries to provide critical supplies, reduce loss of life and economic hardship, protect hard-earned development gains, and deliver on our mission of reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity" shares David Malpass, President of the WB

South Asia: Justice, Services Can Curb Sexual Violence (HRW PRESS RELEASE)

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South Asian governments should disregard populist death penalty rhetoric and listen to their own experts to prevent and end sexual violence against women, Human Rights Watch said in a video released today.

Online Youth Consultation on Preventing Violent Extremism through Sport

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The UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is launching an on line consultation within the framework of the "UN Global Programme on Security of Major Sporting Events, and Promotion of Sport and its Values as a Tool to Prevent Violent Extremism" . If you a are between 15 and 29 years old and wish to contribute to the advancement of sport in promoting social inclusion, you can apply.

Recovering Better: Sport for Development and Peace

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UN DESA launched an advocacy brief on 15 December 2020, co-led by UN-Women, titled ‘Recovering Better: Sport for Development and Peace Reopening, Recovery and Resilience Post-COVID-19’. The brief was collaboratively drafted by sport focal points in the following entities: World Health Organization, UN Office for Drugs and Crime, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, ILO and others.

In Conversation with Robert Putnam, Shaylyn Romney Garrett & Special Guests February 24th 2021, 5.30pm-7.00pm GMT – online

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The Young Foundation and the Institute for Community Studies invite you to join the ‘poet laureate of civil society’ Robert Putnam and Shaylyn Romney Garrett to discuss their new book: "The Upswing, How America Came Together a Century and How We Can Do It Again".

Virtual Webinar on the Whole-Athlete Approach BY TRUE SPORTS (January 7, 2021, 10 a.m - 1 p.m. MST)

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Join TrueSport Experts as they discuss how to develop and leverage the life lessons learned through youth sport. Topics central to the conversation include nutrition, clean sport, mental health, and more!

World Bank outlines a New Vision to ensure that every child learns, everywhere

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COVID-related school closures risk pushing an additional 72 million primary school aged children into learning poverty—meaning that they are unable to read and understand a simple text by age 10—according to two new World Bank reports released today. The reports outline a new vision for learning and the investments and policies, including on education technology, that countries can implement today

"Let’s break silos now! – Achieving disability-inclusive education in a post-COVID world” by HUMANITY AND INCLUSION

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This is a ground breaking report by Humanity and Inclusion, previously known as Handicap International, and it is focused on making educational system inclusive of the special needs of children with disabilities. Working across the sectors, horizontally across multiple stakeholders but also vertically within institutions is going to be paramount , including empowering the ministries of education.

Political Corruption - a Persistent Global Phenomenon (BY Julian Voss, V-Dem)

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"The fact that corruption is still widespread in large parts of the world should not discourage anti-corruption efforts. International organizations engaged in the fight against corruption should evaluate their strategies against the background of successful cases and continue their support for democratic actors trying to hold corrupt officials accountable"

International Migrants Day And The Launch Of The Asia-Pacific Migration Report 2020: UNESCAP EVENT (18TH DEC)

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In occasion of the upcoming International Migrants Day celebrated every year on the 18th of Dec, UNESCAP is organizing an event where the new Asia Pacific Migration Report will be launched.

Speech by President von der Leyen on Artificial Intelligence (World Leader for Peace and Security Award, Boston Forum/Dukakis Institute)

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Speaking to the Boston Global Forum, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed a Transatlantic Agreement on Artificial Intelligence. She said, “We want to set a blueprint for regional and global standards aligned with our values: Human rights, and pluralism, inclusion and the protection of privacy.” She said such a blueprint could guide other democracies.

Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values: the AI Social Contract Index 2020

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The Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP), part of The Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI) today released the first global ranking of countries, based on national AI policies and practices. The book-length report sets out key recommendations to guide policymakers and the public toward the goal of ensuring AI that is fair, accountable, and transparent.