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Climate change: No ‘credible pathway’ to 1.5C limit, UNEP warns

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National pledges to reduce harmful emissions offer little hope of avoiding climate disaster, UN climate experts said on Thursday, in an urgent appeal for a radical transformation of the energy sector, before it’s too late.

8th Session of the UN Intergovernmental Working Group on a proposed treaty on business and human rights

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The 8th session of the UN open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights (IGWG) is taking place on 24-28 October 2022 in Geneva.

FORUM ASIA: Connecting the Dots: Artist Protection & Artistic Freedom in Asia

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In light of these concerning developments, PEN America’s Artists at Risk Connection is releasing Connecting the Dots: Artist Protection & Artistic Freedom in Asia, a new report that illuminates the challenges to artistic freedom that artists in the region face.

The coldest year of the rest of their lives

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This UNICEF report provides yet more evidence that children are on the front lines of the climate crisis.

2022 Stockholm Security Conference

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On 8–14 November, SIPRI will convene the seventh annual Stockholm Security Conference, this year under the heading of ‘Trends of Conflict and Warfare in the 21st Century: Effects and Impact of the War in Ukraine’. The conference will be held in a virtual format with more information forthcoming.

CommUniversity Workshops & Grants to Support Community-University Research

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Talloires Network of Engaged Universities and Open Society University Network (OSUN) have awarded 24 grants to faculty and graduate students in 14 countries to support their engaged scholarship.

UCL: Financing of Innovation and Development in the Global South

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25 October 2022, 5:00 pm–7:00 pm. This Discussion Panel addresses challenges of the Global South by linking their innovation systems with the national industrial development goals while coping with challenges of technological and financial dependency.

Global Disability Summit 2022 Report

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The Global Disability Summit (GDS2022) was held in February 2022. The Summit represented a pivotal moment and collected more than 1400 new commitments; the pledges came from a diverse array of 190 stakeholders including governments, multilateral agencies, donors, foundations, the private sector, CSOs, and organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs).

New research: Companies need to invest in water and toilets to drive health, wealth and business (WATER AID)

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Posted by Jeff Greene on 23 August 2022 In Individuals, Employees and companies, India, Bangladesh, Campaigns, Fundraising resources, Water, Partnership, Education, Hygiene

Abolition of the death penalty at the United Nations Human Rights Council 51st session

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The United Nations Human Rights Council met for its 51st regular session from September 12 to October 7, 2022. If you missed it, here is what happened regarding the abolition of the death penalty!

MacArthur Fellows 2022

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The MacArthur Fellowship is a $800,000, no-strings-attached award to extraordinarily talented and creative individuals as an investment in their potential. “The 2022 MacArthur Fellows are architects of new modes of activism, artistic practice, and citizen science.

EU Commission secures ambitious EU negotiating mandate for the COP27 on Climate and COP15 on Biodiversity

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At yesterday's Environment Council in Luxembourg, the Commission secured an ambitious negotiating mandate for the upcoming COP27 Climate Conference in November and the COP15 Biodiversity Conference in December.

Statement: Making choices to place women at the heart of our agenda (UN WOMEN)

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Remarks by Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UN Women Sima Bahous at the UN Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security 20 OCTOBER 2022 UN WOMEN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SIMA BAHOUS

Finance for Nature-Based Solutions Must Triple by 2030 (UN CLIMATE CHANGE)

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UN Climate Change News, 18 October 2022 – Experts meeting in Cairns, Australia last month highlighted the crucial role of nature-based solutions in tackling climate change and called for vastly increased funding for such approaches.

The Future of Global Democracy (OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS): When October 24, 2022 3:00–4:00 p.m. (EDT)

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The event accessible online will happen today. This panel discussion will offer compelling solutions, including regulating the big tech platforms, investing in new pro-democracy international organizations, and fighting for climate justice at the local level.

EU Parliament increases pressure on COP27 “to take responsibility and act with compassion in the face of the climate crisis”

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BY ACTION AID: Today the European Parliament’s resolution on COP27 gave clear support to widespread demands for this year’s climate negotiations to take action to address loss and damage.

“When it comes to human rights, we need all hands on deck,” says new UN Human Rights Chief

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Volker Türk begins his mandate as the 8th UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, bringing his considerable experience in and commitment to human rights.

Feminist Development Policy: Heinrich Böll Foundation

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In Germany and other countries, a debate is emerging around the concept of a Feminist Development Policy. Will it be enough to merely frame international development as feminist to make it less unjust? We don’t think so!

2022 MacJannet Prize Winners

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Join us to celebrate and learn from the 2022 MacJannet Prize winners and honorable mentions on 29 November 2022 at 8:00 – 9:00 AM EST. Awardees will participate in a panel discussion about their programs, student leadership, and community partnerships. This event is free, open to the public, and will celebrate the launch of the 2023 MacJannet Prize.