Is English is an Obstacle for me?

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I can still remember that I introduced with the English book when I was in class 5. I am feeling proud to say that I am product of a government school of rural area. When we saw the English book first time, we did not know how to read or how to understand it. As a Nepalese, definitely, I was also started to study in Nepali and I am fluent in Nepali language. 

English language is become an international language. It is being speaking throw-out the world. It is not wrong to say that the world is not complete without English. If you are not understanding the English or unable to write or speak in English you may loss many opportunities. If I talk about myself, I am also not very confident to write and speak in English. I am not sure that is my "Sentence" gave the exact mean that I wanted to say in Nepali. Or is my audience understanding my massage.

I am always asking a question myself "Is English is an Obstacle for me?" The answer is "Yes" or "No". I can say "Yes" or "No" because I can describe it differently. I already mentioned that I introduced with English language when I was in the class 5. After class 5, we have only another five classes to be eligible to for the higher education. According to the base on the fact, my base for the English language is not sufficient. I started to learn English late and we were unable to get proper chance to practice to talk in English. My school was government school and the teaching medium is in Nepali and everybody hesitating to speak in English. If somebody try to speak in English another person lough at him/her. Therefore, nobody wants to try it easily.

That was one of the major obstacle for the students like me who want to speak in English and who are in the rural area. They do not have the perfect teacher to teach English even they are could not get their English course book too. As a Nepali, if I have to compete with the world definitely I have to be fluent in English. Because it became a major medium of communication. If I have to find any opportunity or have to apply for it I have to communicate, I have to do it in English because it cannot be acceptable in my own language (Nepali).

When I came to Uganda most of people can speak in English even in the rural areas. I do not know they can write fluently like speaking but at least they can properly communicate in the English language. Because education system is in English medium. So this country preparing their citizen to compete with the world.

I have another answer "No" too. Because if I have to write or speak in my native language "Nepali". I have my confidence that I can compete with anyone. However, it is only possible within the Nepal. Therefore, I can write or speak in English because I thought I have to learn this language to compete with outsider world. Still I am not completely confidant but I believe that I am learning day by day and I can compete.

My some of the friends are used to say me that how you learned it. I do not have the exact answer to say that how I learn that but I think self-confident can make us able to understand English and make us able to compete with the world. Then we can say the English is not an obstacle for us.


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