Wisdom Wednesday 2015: Interview with Andrea Nave, CEO, Forget me Not ( Part II)

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Wisdom Wednesday 2015 was organized by Next Generation Nepal and a consortium of child protection focused not for profit organizations to create awareness about different issues related to child proctection with a particular interest on ethical volunteering, offering a new rationale on why volunteering in a children home is counterproductive and not in the best interest of the child.


Forget Me Not is an australia based organization with activities in India, Nepal and Uganda. Forget Me Nont is committed to providing vulnerable children with a future.

About Andrea Nave

Andrea Nave is CEO of Forget Me Not based in Australia, operating in Nepal India and Uganda. Andrea has held the position contributing to major fundraising and leadership for the organisation for 3 years. One of the founding members of Forget Me Not her stories surrounding organisational change through adversity and human victory in the most difficult situations, will both inspire and delight any audience. Her speaking style is vibrant and emotive bringing to life the critical nature of the work of the charity. With a strong connection to teams on the ground, Andrea guides the heart of the Forget Me Not projects with and feisty and righteous ‘take no prisoners’ approach when it comes to the rights of the children in the care of Forget Me Not. Andrea’s roots lie in both event management and acting where she learned to deliver on a vision. She is a keen conversationalist, with a reputation for insight and inspiration and for saying things that need to be said for voices that struggle to be heard.

to know more about Forget Me Not, please visit: http://forgetmenot.org.au/


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