women's empowerment

Land Reform, Women’s Empowerment and the Nepal Elections

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As suggested by the title all interconnected issues

Miteri Clothing-Help Action Works Nepal (AWON) to Collect Used Clothing and Create Opportunities for Empowering Women!

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This is an easy way to help create livelihoods opportunities for poor women and men and build a sense of confidence in people! Please read on and contribute used clothing. We can even help you to establish collections centres in your workplace.

Shanta Adhikari Paudel-A Struggle in Self-Empowerment

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Shanta and her family
Shanta Adhikari Paudle overcomes abuse of herself and her daughter in the US

Integrated Development

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Through volunteering at Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC), a 20 year old Nepali NGO working in the areas of land and agrarian reform, women’s empowerment opportunities and livelihoods, I’m learning about effective development approaches.

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