UNCTAD ANNUAL REPORT 2015: FOREWORD, Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD

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The Key priorities to improve living conditions in developing world are : 1) Transforming Economies, 2) Tackling Vulnerabilities, 3) Improving Competitiveness, 4) Enriching Multilateralism


ILO World Employment and Social Outlook 2016: Transforming Jobs to End Poverty

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This report shows that poverty has tended to decline in many emerging and developing countries whereas it has tended to increase in the majority of advanced economies, including in terms of the incidence of working poverty.


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Poverty has since long been considered  the cause of deprivation  of  human rights around the world.   It is often argued that the “have nots” of the world do not have basic human rights because they are poor. However, the discourse on poverty would  be  incomplete if we  do not discuss the other aspect of the argument, ie: Why are people poor.

Domestic Child Labor No More: resolution but also pragmatism

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It takes time. You have to offer real solutions that on one hand can improve, gradually, the living conditions of all domestic children and on other hand, can set acceptable safety net standards at the local level sustaining families miserably left with no other options than sending their children to work or even worse.

Miteri Clothing-Help Action Works Nepal (AWON) to Collect Used Clothing and Create Opportunities for Empowering Women!

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This is an easy way to help create livelihoods opportunities for poor women and men and build a sense of confidence in people! Please read on and contribute used clothing. We can even help you to establish collections centres in your workplace.

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