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Creating the missing link to the labour market ( from the Zero Project).

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Find here a story published by the Zero Project, an innovative program promoting new solutions to make society more disable friendly on innovative projects to enhance the chances for integrating young learners with disabilities in the open labour market.


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How many of us try a wheelchair? Today is a special day though very neglected

ENGAGE’S apology to Sagar Prasai. When accessibility is a right, Full stop

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We easily overlook what it means living with disabilities in a town like Kathmandu. There are no excuses, we should always think about accessibility. An open letter to Sagar Prasai, activist and campaigner.

My volunteering Story: how helping Bindu made me learn writing in braille

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This is my volunteering story that i wrote in occasion of International Youth Day under the UNV led initiative Youth Story. I want to share this with you.

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