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My volunteering Story: how helping Bindu made me learn writing in braille

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This is my volunteering story that i wrote in occasion of International Youth Day under the UNV led initiative Youth Story. I want to share this with you.

Youth and Development: Role of social Worker

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When we hear the term Youth, the first thing that comes in our mind, is the energetic group of society who always wants positive change in their own family, community, society, state and overall development of country. They are the change agent of society, who has capacity to change the society. Youth are tomorrow’s leaders, parents, professionals, workers and today’s assets (DFID/Maguire, 2007).

Interview to Terry Ryall, CEO of Vinspired, one of leading youth empowerment charity in UK

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Terry Ryal
I had the chance to meet Terry back in January in London during an "informal" self organized study tour in the British Capital. When i had e-mailed her in November last year asking for an appointment, her positive reply came within 30 minutes. I was really shocked about her positive attitude towards an unknown guy living in Kathmandu...

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